Ilhan Omar: Trump Rallies No Different to ‘Klan Rallies’

Fact checked
Ilhan Omar compares Trump rallied to Klan rallies

Rep. Ilhan Omar called Trump campaign rallies “Klan rallies” in an interview Monday with the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart.

Capehart asked Omar what it was like to be personally called out by POTUS at his campaign events.

“I mean, it’s one thing to be, to have someone attack your community at large. It’s another thing when that someone is the President of the United States, and he is directly attacking you by name, personally,” Capehart said.

“On a personal level, I have gotten accustomed to standing up to bullies in my life, so on a personal level, it hasn’t really impacted [me] besides my children be[ing] exposed to it,” Omar said.

“And for the last two months of this election cycle, waking up every single morning to text messages from my siblings asking if I was safe because he chose to speak about me at every single rally.”

Omar then promptly turned the conversation from being singled out at Trump’s rallies to calling Trump’s rallies “Klan rallies.”

Watch: reports: “It didn’t really matter where he was, multiple times in a day, as he had held his Klan rallies throughout the country,” she said.

Omar has had a history of making statements that have put her in hot water. In 2019, she penned an antisemitic tweet saying, “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” suggesting that politicians had been paid to support Israel.


  1. There are no bigger bullies on earth than the mob .” Democracy is the most BLOODTHIRSTY form of government the world has ever seen ” Ben Franklin And apart from under Washington , Lincoln McKinley Trump and a few others sits been tbe biggest fraud ever created. It’s been a tool of globalist imperialist fascist communists the one per cent for the last almost 250 years .

    • um.. over 100 million murdered in the last century alone under socialists. Just ask Venezuela how great it is… or any socialist country for that fact. You don’t see millions of people wanting to come to the USA for any other reason than here under capitalism and our Constitutional Republic they have a chance to make themselves a great life. Something denied to them elsewhere.

  2. We need a Trump rally just like a Klan rally to go there and just take her out ! Drag her out by that rag on her head and put her on a boat with a slow leak and tow her out to sea!

      • just send her back to where she is from… they’d surely kill her for acting how she does. Yet she wants to bring that crap here.. smh.. she’s the poster-child for stupidity.

    • Jews and Muslims are the same Semitic slingers of diversity supremacy crap.

      The dumb whore Omar is more of a feminist psycho than a Muslim psycho.

      • yeah I am pretty sure her own people would cut her head off for dressing, speaking, and acting how she does. They don’t want her and neither do we.

  3. The Affidavit : Sidney Powell with Lou Dobbs, explains exactly why Omar’s so full of it With her emotional propagandas to deceive and mask tbe truth Such a manipulative dishonest lying piece if it .

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