Bill Clinton Illegally Blocks Voters From Voting For Bernie (VIDEO)

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Bill Clinton Illegally Blocks Voters in Massachusetts

On Super Tuesday in the key state of Massachusetts, former president Bill Clinton illegally entered a polling station to intimidate and prevent voters from casting their votes for Hillary Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders, in the already contentious Democratic presidential primary race. 

Bernie Sanders has shocked the establishment media and the powerful Clinton political machine by gaining ground so quickly in the race with immense grassroots support which has elevated Sanders to an unprecedented level of popularity nationally.

This was clearly a desperate attempt at mitigating the threat Bernie Sanders presently poses to Ms. Clinton’s bid for the White House.

After one failed campaign in 2008 to progressive insurgent, then Senator Barack Obama, the Clintons clearly cannot afford a second failed attempt at winning the presidency.

Will The Clintons Get Away With This Criminal Injustice Scott-Free?

Likely so, yes, the Clinton machine is arguably the most powerful political organization in the country and as such, will carry on without retribution. However, there is currently petition calling for Bill Clinton’s arrest and prosecution.

Bill Clinton Illegally Wanders Into Polling Station, Blocking ...Bill Clinton Illegally Wanders Into Polling Station, Blocking Voters Posted by The Young Turks on Wednesday, March 2, 2016