Search For Missing Mexican Students Unearths 129 Unrelated Bodies

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missing mexican students

The search for the 43 mssing Mexican student teachers who disappeared 10 months ago has unearthed 60 mass graves and the bodies of at least 129 other murder victims.

The attorney general’s office said on Monday that the corpses were found in 60 clandestine graves across Guerrero, the southern state where the youths vanished 10 months ago, but none of the bodies found belong to the students who were last seen in Iguala, in southern Mexico.

Press TV reports:  The majority of the bodies are said to be males, but the remains of some 20 women are also among the dead, as well.

Authorities say corrupt members of the local police in Iguala had abducted the students and handed them over to the Guerreros Unidos drug gang, which slaughtered them in turn before incinerating their dead bodies.

Dozens of police officers and gang members suspected of implication in the case, and the mayor of the town, have so far been detained.

However, the families of the students refuse such news and believe their children are alive.

The parents of the 43 missing students have called on the authorities to continue the search.

Activists and the missing students’ friends joined the parents in a march in the capital Mexico City on Sunday, demanding proof of life on the students who disappeared 10 months ago.

“We demand the relaunching of the search and the reopening of the case, which this corrupt government has refused to do,” said Vidulfo Rosales, a lawyer for the families of the missing students.

Until today, only one of the students’ bodies has been found among the charred remains found in a landfill.

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