Great white Shark Attack Captured On GoPro

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great white shark

A terrified swimmer had to fight off a huge great white shark while spearfishing in shallow waters off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

22-year-old college student Tyler McQuillen captured the JAWS moment with a GoPro camera attached to a spear-gun.

99a99 YouTube video: Great white shark tries to attack diver

This terrifying video shows the moment a swimmer fought off a great white shark while spear-fishing.

College student Tyler McQuillen was off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, when he encountered the maneater in just 10 feet of water.

The 22-year-old thought he was going to die – and dramatic point-of-view footage reveals how he nearly became a snack for the giant shark.

McQuillen thought his friends were playing a joke on him by pulling at his fin, but he soon realised the shark had bitten his toes.

The shocked swimmer dropped his spear gun but managed to retrieve it moments before the shark charged at him.

A GoPro camera attached to the spear gun captured the heart-stopping moment the great white took a run at McQuillen.great white shark

The stunned swimmer hit the shark with his spear gun as it passed him, forcing it to swim away.
He said: “When the shark came around I gave him a nice little jab.”

After stabbing the shark, McQuillen shouted at his friends and others on shore to warn them about the danger in the water.

He managed to swim back and make it out of the water alive, although he suffered numerous broken bones in his foot.

Despite the hair-raising encounter, he plans to return to the water once his foot heals.

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