Globalists Planning World War 3 As New Order Collapses

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A new World Economic Forum report reveals that the New World Order are worried their control over humanity is diminishing and are planning a new World War in order to try and preserve it

A new World Economic Forum report reveals that the New World Order are worried their control over humanity is diminishing and are planning World War 3 in order to try and preserve it.

On an annual basis the World Economic Forum releases its annual risk report on behalf of Globalist organisations: Banks, Corporations, Tech Companies. Oh yes and some of those little governments too. The Global Elite should never be underestimated: they have truly excellent resources especially in computational predictive power, and their trends forecasting is second to none at modelling society and predicting its direction. Sometimes it is the Globalists themselves feeding  and creating those trends: but sometimes they are as adrift  as a leaf in the storm as everyone else trying to get influence, and then control, over situations running out of control.

This year, Bloomberg ran its usual feature looking at these trends as the “Global Risks Report 2018 Executive Summary.”

We discover the elite’s concerns are focused on the following for the year ahead:

1. Complex Systemic Risks:

Humanity has become remarkably adept at understanding how to mitigate conventional risks that can be relatively easily isolated and managed with standard risk-management approaches. But we are much less competent when it comes to dealing with complex risks in the interconnected systems that underpin our world, such as organizations, economies, societies and the environment. There are signs of strain in many of these systems: our accelerating pace of change is testing the absorptive capacities of institutions, communities and individuals. When risk cascades through a complex system, the danger is not of incremental damage but of “runaway collapse” or an abrupt transition to a new, suboptimal status quo

Here the Globalists are talking about risks that can run through multiple systems that can bring down multiple lynchpins of society at the same time. Some of these are economic, like a banking collapse, but they are also referring to societies collapsing under the strains caused by mass immigration: both the sudden influx of large amounts of people not assimilated to that society, as is happening across Europe: but also, the impacts on the countries people are leaving, losing their youngest, brightest and strongest people.

2. The Environment:

“Environmental risks have grown in prominence in recent years. This trend has continued this year, with all five risks in the environmental category being ranked higher than average for both likelihood and impact over a 10-year horizon. This follows  a year characterized by high-impact hurricanes, extreme temperatures and the first rise in CO2 emissions for four years. We have been pushing our planet to the brink and the damage is becoming increasingly clear. Biodiversity is being lost at mass-extinction rates, agricultural systems are under strain and pollution of the air and sea has become an increasingly pressing threat to human health. A trend towards nation-state unilateralism may make it more difficult to sustain the long-term, multilateral responses that are required to counter global warming and the degradation of the global environment.”

Globalists are quite used to talking about the environment amongst themselves. But they are really taken up with narratives about global warming and melting Ice under Polar Bears: that’s for the plebs and always has been. Instead, its REAL Environmentalism that’s got them scared, and so it should! Loss of bio-diversity is the unmaking of the underlying matrix of life itself, the food chain upon which complex life forms, like Human Beings, are totally dependent. The more loss of bio-diversity there is, the more evolution is undone, the fewer and weaker the remaining species on the planet becomes. And here the globalists admit their system has being destroying life-forms and exterminating species at MASS-EXTINCTION rates. Why are the public not being told that these are the real consequences of the system? Agriculture, upon which the human population of 7 billion it totally dependent, is under threat because of its reliance on Petro-Chemical farming, not helped manipulations of companies like Monsanto that have  fed this corporate pesticide/fertilizer addiction to the farming industry as essential to grow their toxic GMO crops. While pure and simple pollution, all that Fukishima waste in the pacific, all the toxic dioxins coughed over areas settled by humanity, the ongoing risks of genome degradation. There is a LOT here the Elite are privately shitting themselves about: while they dare not allow us to be properly informed:  because we would rise up against their polluting industries and threaten their control. Indeed, we see their complaints that people wanting control of their countries back is making it harder for the Globalists to impose the solutions that suit THEM.

3. Cyberattacks

“Cybersecurity risks are also growing, both in their prevalence and in their disruptive potential. Attacks against businesses have almost doubled in five years, and incidents that would once have been considered extraordinary are becoming more and more commonplace. The financial impact of cybersecurity breaches is rising, and some of the largest costs in 2017 related to ransomware attacks, which accounted for 64% of all malicious emails. Notable examples included the WannaCry attack—which affected 300,000 computers across 150 countries—and NotPetya, which caused quarterly losses of US$300 million for a number of affected businesses. Another growing trend is the use of cyberattacks to target critical infrastructure and strategic industrial sectors, raising fears that, in a worst-case scenario, attackers could trigger a breakdown in the systems that keep societies functioning.”

Globalist control is based upon information technology systems and they continue to be terrified some smart anarchist is going to wreck their control systems, just as malicious cyber-crime continues to be a growth industry from areas of the world like Africa and Eastern Europe.

4. Global Economy

“The global economy faces a mix of long-standing vulnerabilities and newer threats that have emerged or evolved in the years since the crisis. The familiar risks include potentially unsustainable asset prices, with the world now eight years into a bull run; elevated indebtedness, particularly in China; and continuing strains in the global financial system. Among the newer challenges are limited policy firepower in the event of a new crisis; disruptions caused by intensifying patterns of automation and digitalization;  and a build-up of mercantilist and protectionist pressures against a backdrop of rising nationalist and populist politics.”

Yeah. Global Economy is buggered, the debts continue to stack up and the interest not be paid down. Its an impossible challenge to repay debt to a system owed more than 10 years total global GDP.  And again, the globalists complain about rising nationalism stopping them getting it all their own way.  Will 2018 be the year the lash up global fiat currency finally comes down around our ears?  Many will say it’s a fair bet! The Elite themselves have certainly been feathering their nests, their private estates on distant islands, their luxury cruisers, their jet airplanes, to keep themselves well out of it if the whole shit-show collapses!

5. Warfare

“The world has moved into a new and unsettling geopolitical phase. Multilateral rules-based approaches have been fraying. Re-establishing the state as the primary locus of power and legitimacy has become an increasingly attractive strategy for many countries, but one that leaves many smaller states squeezed as the geopolitical sands shift. There is currently  no sign that norms and institutions exist towards which the world’s major powers might converge. This creates new risks and uncertainties: rising military tensions, economic and commercial disruptions, and destabilizing feedback loops between changing global conditions and countries’  domestic political conditions. International relations now  play out in increasingly diverse ways. Beyond conventional military build-ups, these include new cyber sources of hard and soft power, reconfigured trade and investment links, proxy conflicts, changing alliance dynamics, and potential flashpoints related to the global commons. Assessing and mitigating risks across all these theatres of potential conflict will require careful horizon scanning and crisis anticipation  by both state and non-state actors.”

Basically, here the globalists say, its all unravelling, if the global currency goes, then states are going to start having a go at each other and there are flashpoints all over any or all of which could go up. “Horizon scanning” and “Crisis anticipation” reveal they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Will it be North Korea? Russia? Israel? Iran? Or the rise of fundamentalist jihadi’s in North Africa?

6. Predictive Tools

This year’s Global Risks Report introduces three new series: Future Shocks, Hindsight and Risk Reassessment. Our aim  is to broaden the report’s analytical reach: each of these elements provides a new lens through which to view the increasingly complex world of global risks. • Future Shocks is a warning against complacency and  a reminder that risks can crystallize with disorientating speed. In a world of complex and interconnected systems, feedback loops, threshold effects and cascading disruptions can lead to sudden and dramatic breakdowns. We present 10 such potential breakdowns—from democratic collapses to spiralling cyber conflicts—not as predictions, but as food for thought: what are the shocks that could fundamentally upend your world?

Essentially these tools, Future shocks, hindsight and Risk Re-assessment expose how the Globalists assess and evaluate risks. Included below are two powerful cloud diagrams that are extremely insightful into the globalist mindset.

7. In Hindsight we look back at risks we have analysed in previous editions of the Global Risks Report, tracing the evolution of the risks themselves and the global responses to them. Revisiting our past reports in this way allows us to gauge risk-mitigation efforts and highlight lingering risks that might warrant increased attention. This year we focus on antimicrobial resistance, youth unemployment, and “digital wildfires”, which is how we referred in 2013 to phenomena that bear a close resemblance to what is now known as “fake news”.

Globalists, like all autocrats, are terrified of losing control of public narrative. Their fear of “Fake News” (Meaning,  the news they DIDN’T Fake, the REAL news!) drives much of what they do, but they are also especially concerned about anti-microbial resistance (exposing humanity to the risk of a major-die off because of pandemic infection (Bird Flu to Ebola and anything that mutates in-between), and armies of youth with fuck all to do because the globalist system is rubbish and has failed them!

8. “In Risk Reassessment, selected risk experts share their insights about the implications for decision-makers in businesses, governments and civil society of developments in our understanding of risk. In this year’s report, Roland Kupers writes about fostering resilience in complex systems, while Michele Wucker calls for organizations  to pay more attention to cognitive bias in their risk management processes.”

In summary, the report re-iterates the threats to Globalist systems, but an amusing final sentence: Globalists warning themselves to beware of cognitive bias: IE: don’t believe our own bullshit and be complacent just because we try and sing a lullaby to keep the masses asleep!

Interesting to note what Globalists are NOT concerned about: Not a whisper of concern about the Emergence of AI (They think they control AI: yes, they are that stupid), nor the 5G network, nor Smart Dust, or chemtrails, vaccine damage, toxic food and many of the things that concern the awakening community.

Ready to think like a Globalist? Your News Wire suggests study this info-graphic and know the foe! But for the #woke activists of the world the real question is: can we come up with something BETTER? Now that is a thought that should have us all concerned: and determined to find the real answers humanity needs…

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White


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