Israel Cover-Up Of Paris Attack Intelligence Underway

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Israel cover-up the fact they had intelligence on the Paris attacks and warned the Jewish community in France hours before the massacre

It seems that some parts of the Jewish community in Paris were warned of a large terrorist attack before the Paris attacks took place, as insider Israeli intelligence was given to a select number of people. reports:

Times of Israel retract information that says French Jews were warned about Paris attacks
Why did the Times of Israel change their story from being warned “Just Friday” to “For months?”

Why did the Times of Israel change their story from being warned “Just Friday” to “For months?”

They either do not want the world to know they are privileged having a direct line to government intel or they’re ashamed of hoarding the info and not sharing it with the rest of France, considering what happened on Friday night where 129+ non Jewish French and other European people were mass murdered. Changing the story only makes them look foolish.

Business Insider headline on Paris attacks

Did the Jewish owner of the Bataclan theatre also receive special insider info of a potentenial terrorist attack in a theatre, considering how he sold the theatre Septermber 11th (Yes really!)

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