Frank Luntz SCOLDS Trump: ‘Stop Embarrassing Yourself’ With Claims You Won – You DIDN’T

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Frank Luntz demands Trump stop embarrassing himself and admit he lost

Pollster Frank Luntz scolded President Trump on Sunday, demanding that he stop “embarrassing” himself with claims he won the 2020 election.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,”Luntz said: “One of those races the Democrat has now gone ahead in the Ossoff/David Perdue race. In the other race, the Kelly Loeffler — she is dead even with the reverend. So the numbers have been getting worse over the last seven to ten days for the Republicans. They had a generic four-point advantage. That is gone because of the president. It’s amazing we’re talking about politics when there are still record numbers of people dying.”

He went on, “The number one group that is averse to taking this vaccine that you talked about earlier are young Republicans. Instead of tweeting out the ridiculous stuff about the legislation or how he claims he won the election, the president should be telling at least his own people, if not every American, to take the vaccine, get the vaccine, be careful, don’t travel, don’t be going out. This president is responsible for the sickness and potential casualties because he’s not doing enough. Stop with the politics. Focus on the pandemic. Spend the last four days going out on a positive note and stop embarrassing yourself and the rest of the country.”

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