Fire Destroys Commercial Egg Farm Belonging To Top US Supplier…Amid National Egg Shortage

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100,000 Chickens killed in Connecticut Egg Farm Fire


A huge commercial egg farm in in Bozrah, Connecticut was destroyed after it caught fire on Saturday afternoon.

More than 100 firefighters fought a massive blaze that destroyed the expansive chicken coop at Hillandale Farms, where the 100,000 chickens that were housed there all died.

No employees were injured in the fire, but the cause of the blaze remains under investigation, according to a statement posted on the farms website.

The fire comes amid a mysterious widespread egg shortage and accompanying price hikes.

Infowars reports: According to reports, authorities don’t yet know the cause of the fire, and fortunately no injuries have been reported.

From NBC Connecticut:

Firefighters said the fire was in a 50 foot by 600 foot operating chicken coop at Hillandale Farms on Schwartz Road.

Crews from 16 surrounding departments including Colchester, East Haddam, Salem, Gardner Lake, Lebanon, Franklin, Yantic and Sterling, Taftville, Montville, Oakdale and Lisbon and more than 100 firefighters total responded to the scene.

According to Colchester Fire Department, there were water issues and more tankers were called.

It’s unclear what may have started the fire.

The Salvation Army is on scene providing food and nourishment to first responders.

The Department of Agriculture said it has been in touch with the leadership at Hillandale. At this time, the DOA is not responding, but is continuing to monitor the situation.

No injuries were reported

Hillandale Farms is one of the top 5 egg producers in the country, raising a total of over 20 million chickens for eggs.

Egg prices in 2023 have skyrocketed amid supply chain breakdowns and egg shortages the government claims were brought on by avian flu killing hundreds of thousands of chickens.

To add insult to injury, chicken farmers have been coming forward claiming tainted feed may be why their hens haven’t been producing eggs.


  1. this is not the largest egg fire. there were more back this decade, there was a 350K dead chicken fire years ago. apparently these fires happen. Sounds a little convenient, but do some internet searches on chicken farm fires. makes this fire look like a drop in the bucket.

  2. Those chicken farmers anscpufgeries should be banned anyway and people with houses with yards should all be allowed to keep I chicken per person in the household and any local government forbidding it should be jailed.
    People in apartments can eat other stuff. Each other.

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