Bill Gates Squirms When Questioned About Jeffrey Epstein Again

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Epstein Gates

Bill Gates has once again attempted to downplay his association with the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

During an interview with Australia’s ABC 7.30 Monday, the billionaire vaccine expert was asked, once again, why he continued to associate with Epstein even after the billionaire financier has been convicted of child prostitution.

Host Sarah Ferguson asked Gates: “Do you regret the relationship that you maintained with him against Melinda’s advice and wishes?”

InfoWars reports: The ABC 7.30 host’s reference to “Melinda” referred to comments made by Gates’ ex-wife Melinda Gates last year where she confessed, “I did not like that [Bill] had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein. I made that clear to him.”

“You’re going way back in time, but yeah I will say it for the over 100th time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him,” the Microsoft co-founder responded, referring to various fundraising dinners he’d attended held by Epstein.

 “Epstein had a way of sexually compromising” people,” Ferguson continued, adding, “Is that what Melinda was warning you about?”

“No, I mean, no, I had dinner with him and that’s all,” Gates stammered.

“There never was any relationship of any kind,” he added when asked if the Gates Foundation had ties to Epstein.

The interview comes as Gates was also grilled back in 2021 on his Epstein association by PBS News Hour’s Judy Woodruff, where he claimed he only met with him for the money.


  1. We know why Bill Gates quit Microsoft and went on the vaccine tour. They control him using the videos of him having sex with minors on the island. He is a prisoner. He has to do everything they say or they will publish the videos. Just like all the other CEOs that complied with the mask mandates for their companies. This is one of the many ways control over the country was established. they lured these CEOs to the island and offered these very young girls and boys, thinking they were isolated and safe to have sex with them, the CEO’s were later informed that it was all filmed and it was their little secret as long as they did what they were told. The ones they could not get to the Island or could not corrupt, they killed them or caused them harm and forced them to sell their companies to a obedient entity.
    They did this to Supreme court justices, actors, FBI leadership, politicians, Rich people. They made them donate money, and anything needed to be done. This is how the USA was conquered. off the bodies of youngsters.
    What are we going to do about this?

    Think about if someone had video of you doing perverted things to a child. Think about the control that would have over you?

  2. Because we all know 15 16 and 17 year olds aren’t children. That’s why.
    It’s ridiculous to think they are Child sex with children Between ages 1 month to 12 years.
    And rhe dirty law should be squirming for deceiving the whole world about it.

    • Do some research on cognitive development! Humans are supposed to become MORE compassionate and more enlightened over time. It is as if you are trying to force some sort of devolution on people. Younger, weaker people need to be protected – not manipulated by some older, strategic creep. Back off the teenagers! I wish you would get some mental help.

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