CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Is a ‘Take-No-Responsibility President’

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CNN's Jim Acosta slams President Trump as a 'no-responsibility' POTUS

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta accused President Trump of being “the take-no-responsibility president” on Friday, shortly after POTUS announced a host of measures – from boosting coronavirus testing availability to suspending interest on federal student loans – to ease concerns and help combat the spread of the deadly disease.

Transcript of the interview:

JAKE TAPPER: Jim, the president was talking about testing for the coronavirus, which obviously has been lagging behind in the U.S., what are the concrete steps that the president announced today that can help speed up the process for testing and the process, if anything was laid out, for improving the ability of hospitals to take in any sort of surge in patients?

JIM ACOSTA: I think you heard the president there and various officials on the coronavirus task force lay out these next steps. The question is how long this are going to take in terms of getting the system testing moving. The president was saying this, as well as other officials, that they’re going to be waiving regulations to make sure that the private lab industry can run these tests more quickly, that they’re going to be setting up a website where people can go. It sort of sounded like Obamacare, and it’s going to be run by Google.

Overall, I think the question a lot of our viewers at home are going to have is how long is that going to take? When is that going to take place? When can I see that in my community and this president was not getting into those kinds of details. As we saw during this press conference, this was the take-no-responsibility president.

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