New Queensland Law Allows Kids As Young As 12 To Change The Name & Sex On Their Birth Certificate

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Parental consent not required

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Children as young as 12 will be able to change the gender on their birth certificate without their parents’ consent under new laws just passed in Queensland, Australia

The laws, passed on Wednesday, will make it easier for people to have their gender documented without undergoing sexual reassignment surgery.

Along with scrapping the sexual reassignment surgery requirement, gender-diverse people will be able to change their name at the same time they formally register their change of sex.

The Mail Online reports: The laws have two pathways to alter the record of sex for a child under 16 – through the Children’s Court, or with an application to the register by a parent or guardian when particular criteria are met.

It means there is now a pathway for children aged 12 to 16 to change their sex on their birth certificate without their parents’ permission.

However to do so, the child must first be assessed by a developmentally informed practitioner.

The new laws also allow for a child to have two registered fathers or mothers on their birth certificate. As it stands, only one person can be registered as a child’s mother or father.

The bill replaces the existing Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act and allows greater freedom over chosen gender descriptors, including non-binary recognition.

The LNP opposed the laws, arguing a bill allowing self-declaration was a threat to women’s privacy in women-only spaces such as toilets and change rooms and would have a negative impact on women’s sports.

‘This bill is an attack on women, it is an attack on women’s rights and it’s an attack on young girls,’ deputy LNP leader Jarrod Bleijie told parliament.

Opposition MPs also raised concerns about children under the age of 16 who might apply to change the gender on their birth certificate.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said the bill had proper safeguards and ‘does not allow a young person to just go off and randomly make a decision and get these changes made without any proper oversight’.

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