There is No Evidence Proving Bush & Clintons “Orchestrated 9/11”

Fact checked
Trump vows to release evidence that Bush family and Clintons orchestrated 9/11

UpdateThis story has been retracted. The article was originally published on and was inadvertently copied over to when we switched domains in 2019. There is no evidence that the Bush or Clinton family “orchestrated 9/11” and there is no evidence that President Trump accused them of this. This story no longer adheres to our editorial standards. Therefore the headline has been edited and original story retracted. 


  1. The time is right to re-open a new non-partisan 911 investigation, a campaign promise of Trump.

  2. I think the editor should have rewritten that to say — the corrupt Bush /Clinton regime and the Saudis The Saudis aren’t Democrats ,theyre Monarchists ,so any attack upon their inherent enemy , the democratic republics isnt at all corrupt from any ideological perspective Especially upon any democracy hich quite blatantly states that its intentions are to impose its ideolgy upon the entire world ,and no one dare stand in their way except upon punishment of death. Its the partnership of the democrats and republicans with them that is the corruption.

      • ….or the dancing Palestinians, Iranians or Iraqi’s…a.k.a: the anti-American globalists!

      • Andy C: Correction; based on records of their arrest by NJPD; the “dancing Mossad agents”. It also doesn’t explain the “Israeli Art Students'” rented WTC space filled with 1000 kW remote detonator switches.

  3. Many want to blame 9/11 on the Bush crime family alone, or on Crooked Hillary and Her Husband Slick Willey. Some even go so far as spouting an asinine theory of a supposed world-wide Jewish Conspiracy. When Caesar was surrounded and knifed by 40+ Senator “friends”, which knife dealt the fatal blow? Each one had a role to play and they played it well. Identifying the weapon of the crime is one thing, finding the one who used the weapon is another!

    • One step for man, one giant leap for Mankind.
      Patience is a virtue.
      He wanted to, but I am sure his team of Patriots advised him to take care of the here and now.
      Once this is accomplished the rest will be so much easier to understand and PROSECUTE !
      Think about ALL OF THE RATS fighting for their lives to avoid the HANGMAN’s NOOSE, not TREASON, but HUGE TREASON!!!!!

  4. Dear God in heaven… you mean to tell me that you people really believe this crap? Donald Trump says a lot about a lot of things and they are all LIES… when are you going to take back your power and stop following this man around like sick puppy dogs? HE LIES… ALL THE TIME, ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING .. THE MAN DOES not know the truth, he does not speak the truth and he does not live in truth.. If there were a noble peace prize for Donald Trump it would be for being the most accomplished LIAR to ever live. I never thought I would see the day that an American President would be an idiot who knows nothing about running his shoddy businesses, let alone run a country … You folks who keep feeding his ego have much of this destruction in America on your hands.. perhaps one day soon you will realize that you have been had.. I just hope that it’s not too late to save our nation.. for the love of sweet Jesus, DO YOUR RESEARCH, READ AND RESEARCH EVERYTHING HE SAYS and then perhaps you will grow as a person and realize that this is a madman living in the People’s House… sullying our country, our reputation, the very Constitution that our founding fathers wrote to guard against the likes of this con man..

    • Oh stitchhappy, you are so confused or perhaps you have selective memory. Have you forgot about the liar who tried to destroy our country by lying his way into our oval office? Barry was his name and lying was his game. Other than that, nobody knows much about him since he sealed all his records of lies! But people don’t worry, if you want you can keep your doctor and your present insurance plan. Oh, and please relay this to Putin, after my election I’ll have more flexibility! Oh, and let me trade 5 high value Taliban for one traitor who served his country well and let me have his family visit me at the WH. On the other hand, the con man you speak about has brought our economy to heights never seen before, sat down with “Rocket Man” from No. Korea in an unprecedented summit! Barry was/is the biggest racist to ever sit in the WH and divided our country more than anyone and setback racial equality 50 years. Barry only enforced the laws he liked and the others he skirted around not even attempting to honor our constitution. He placed known Muslim extremists in almost all parts of our government and you can agree or not but he’s a devout Muslim himself! Thankfully, Trump threw away all the prayer rugs he left behind. While Christians were getting slaughtered, he brought Muslims into our country and left the Christians behind to get slaughtered some more! Our present president loves our country, he didn’t need to go through all this crap he’s hearing, he had a great life. Barry on the other hand hates America, said it’s no longer a Christian country and the sweetest sound is the call to prayer. For him, not patriotic Americans! So, PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED LIAR WITHOUT MENTIONING BARRY/OBOZO OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS BUT HE TAKES THAT CROWN IN A LANDSLIDE!

  5. in the last few months I have seen many articles of criminal activity that Mueller has accomplished yet he is still in his position and not fired what in hell are they keeping him for more damages he should have a half dozen charges on him !!

  6. Not credible based on factual known info.

    a) Mossad led the operation
    b) Saudis couldn’t plan or execute an op like this if their 72 virgins required it.
    c) GH W Bush ~ Project Hammer – google it
    d) CIA agent Tim Ossman = Osama bin Laden

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