Despite Demenita, Lord Janner Re-appointed To A Parliamentary Committee

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Despite Demenita, Lord Janner Re-appointed To A Parliamentary Committee

Labour Peer, Lord Janner, was re-appointed to a parliamentary committee last June, despite being ‘too ill’ with dementia to be interviewed by police over child sex claims.

The alleged paedophile was put on Parliament’s joint committee on consolidation bills, which considers how to combine complex acts, six months after detectives raided his home in London.

Exaro found that it was also three months after detectives searched his office at the House of Lords, during their investigation into allegations against him of sexually abusing boys.

The Mail Online reports: His appointment also came shortly after police sought advice from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) because Janner’s lawyers were claiming that he was in no state to be interviewed because of dementia.

Lord Janner has always denied claims that he was a paedophile and his family say he is innocent of 22 alleged sex attacks.

Despite huge pressure the CPS maintains he is too unwell to be prosecuted.

One member of the consilidation committee, which is made up of peers and MPs, told Exaro that he was baffled as to why Janner was re-appointed.

A separate source in the House of Lords, who has a role in recommending which peers should sit on a range of parliamentary committees, said that he was surprised by the re-appointment because he and colleagues understood that Janner was suffering from dementia by then.

The source said: ‘Appointments to the consolidation committee is a rubber-stamping exercise, and the names are supplied by the whips to be officially appointed.’

It came weeks after it was revealed that Lord Janner voted 203 times in the House of Lords even after he granted power of attorney to his children because of his dementia.

The Labour peer also attended Parliament 634 times after his family took control of his financial affairs in April 2009, claiming £104,365 in taxpayer-funded allowances in the process.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has been warned she should be called before a Commons committee to explain her decision not to put Lord Janner on trial for alleged child sex offences.

Alison Saunders maintains that the peer is too unwell to be prosecuted, despite evidence that he may have abused children.

Lord Janner always denied claims that he was a paedophile and his family say he is innocent of 22 alleged sex attacks.

78 MPs have so far demanded Mrs Saunders change her decision and veteran Labour MP David Winnick says Mrs Saunders should be called before the Commons home affairs committee.

As the debate over his fitness to stand trial continued today Exaro News has said that the former MP for Leicester granted power of attorney over decisions about his health to two of his children in April 2009.

Acting under that power of attorney, Janner’s three adult children transferred ownership of his home, valued at around £2 million, to themselves in March last year.

The transfer of Janner’s home for free took place in the same month when police raided his office at the House of Lords.

But since then, and despite a diagnosis of dementia that year, Janner has voted 203 times in the House of Lords. In addition, he attended the House of Lords on 634 days during that time, allowing him to claim more than £100,000 in allowances.

This adds to the pressure on Alison Saunders for refusing to prosecute the former Labour MP or pursue a ‘trial of the facts’ over allegations against him of child sex abuse.



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