Democrat Law Professor Demands ‘No Holds Barred’ Investigation Into 2020 Election Fraud

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Dem law professor calls for investigation into allegations of fraud in the 2020 election

A top Democrat law professor has called for a “no holds barred” investigation into the 2020 presidential election results.

Professor Jonathan Turley, a constitutional scholar at George Washington University and lifelong Democrat, says a full probe of the 2020 vote count is needed because “tens of millions of voters believe that this election was rigged.”

In a Thursday post on his website, Turley declared that he normally dislikes such commissions and would ordinarily oppose a proposal by Republicans in Congress for an emergency 10-day analysis.

“I do believe that a real commission is warranted,” Turley wrote.

“Indeed, the violence yesterday only further shows the deep divisions in this country over these lingering questions,” he added. 

“However, there must be the commitment to a real commission — not another placebo commission.”

What is needed, he claimed, is “an honest-to-God, no-holds-barred federal commission.”

It was an “unprecedented election in the reliance of mail-in voting and the use of new voting systems and procedures,” he noted.

“We need to review how that worked down to the smallest precincts and hamlets.”

“Possibly tens of millions of voters believe that this election was rigged and stolen. I am not one of them.

“However, the integrity of our elections depends on the faith of the electorate.” reports: He noted 40% of voters have “lingering doubts” about the system.

“Most of the cases challenging the election were not decided on the merits. Indeed, it seems they haven’t even been allowed for discovery. Instead, they were largely dismissed on jurisdictional or standing groups or under the ‘laches’ doctrine that they were brought too late. Those allegations need to be conclusively proven or disproven in the interests of the country,” he said.

Also, he pointed out, there were “problems” in the election.

“There was not proof of systemic fraud or irregularities, but there were problems of uncounted votes, loss of key custodial information and key differences in the rules governing voting and tabulations,” he said.

In fact, there have been more than 1,000 sworn statements from witnesses to election fraud in multiple states.

The investigation should be done with “absolute transparency,” he said, and Congress should get to work on repealing the Electoral Count Act, which diminishes the role of Congress in certifying electoral votes.

“It is one of the worst conceived and crafted federal laws on the books. The constitutionality of that act has long been challenged, including some who argue that Congress has nothing but a purely ceremonial role in opening state certifications and counting them,” he said.

“Courts are likely to recognize that Congress has a more substantive role, particularly when rivaling sets of electors are presented or there is clear evidence of fraud. However, the validity of such electoral votes should be left largely to the courts in challenges in the given states.”


  1. Don’t need more fake investigations, need lots of criminal prosecutions for vote fraud with hard prison time for the guilty.

    Democrats and Neocons perpetrate vote fraud because criminal prosecutions are non-existent.

  2. This would be nothing but the Foxes counting the Chickens in the hen house in the middle of the night and a massive coverup . The integrating of the voting system was gone whenever the Communist gained control of the computer voting systems years and several elections ago.

  3. Tberes never bern an honest investigation or commission anywhere in this planet, that I’m aware of in my lifetime Unless the entire justice system is overthrown and replaced with honest unbiased un prejudiced non discriminatory religiously balanced and open minded people there NEVER will be Hasnt bern for centuries It would be a new world order free at last .

  4. Dream on digs breath Better late than never Mr goody two shoes democratic do gooders. What kept you? Political correctness or cowardice or disnt want to speak to soon Better ipso facto so not to step on any tyrants toes ?

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