Press Release Urging Migrants To learn English Had Spelling Mistake

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Home Office announces new English tests for migrants - but spells "language" wrong!

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British Government officials spelt the word “language” wrong in an official press release announcing that new language tests are to be forced on immigrants.

The ironic mistake comes as immigrant mothers are being threatened with deportation if they don’t improve their English language skills.

On Friday, the Home Office published a press release which read “new English langauge test for family route migrants.” The Home Office promptly moved to rectify the error, but not before it caused a backlash online.

RT reports:

“Clearly, the Home Office isn’t British, is probably just here to scrounge and should be deported immediately. #MayLogic,” one Twitter user said.

“Maybe staff at the #HomeOffice need to take the English language test,” another Twitter user joked.
“If there was one announcement you would double and triple check….”

The blunder comes as migrants are threatened with deportation if they fail the proposed new tests. Downing Street attempted to play down the gaffe, insisting everyone is “open to mistakes.”

A spokesperson for Number 10 added that the PM is “fully confident” of his civil servants’ grasp of English.

The Home Office press release was issued to provide details on the government’s plans to make migrants sit a speaking and listening test if they want to stay in the UK.

“The new A2 requirement delivers the government’s manifesto commitment to ensure that those coming to the UK on a family visa with only basic English will become more fluent over time,” it said.

“It will mean that the person can better engage in everyday conversation and thereby better participate and integrate in everyday life in the community.”

The new policy affects non-European partners and parents of British citizens or people settled in the UK.

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