#BrusselsLockdown: Belgians Respond To Anti Terror Raids With Cats

Fact checked

An official request for citizens to avoid tweeting anything that could inform terrorists of what was going on resulted in an outbreak of cat pictures!


This weekend, Belgium’s government placed the country and its capital city Brussels under the highest level of terror alert due to an “imminent threat”.

Belgian forces, who were searching for suspects in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, appealed for social media silence about any police action that  users might witness and requesting that citizens stop tweeting about the armed operations that were being carried out on Sunday…

So instead Belgians took to twitter posting pictures and videos of cats using the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown in an attempt to bury tweets about the police anti-terror operations in the city.

After the all-clear was announced by officials following the arrest of 16 suspects, the media and citizens were thanked for their ‘silence’

Belgian police have also thanked the cats for their help.

A statement from the country’s federal prosecutor said that another five suspects have since been arrested.