ISIS Building Drones To Spread Fatal Viruses Across West

Fact checked
ISIS begin using drones to spread killer viruses

ISIS are planning to use drones to spread deadly viruses across mainland Europe and America, according to the EU’s counter-terrorism unit. 

Gilles de Kerchove, the unit’s co-ordinator, says groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS are constructing the special biological weapons as part of a new strategy of attack.

Yahoo News reports: Mr Kerchove told the Royal United Services Institute in London that Inspire, al-Qaeda’s magazine aimed at young British and American readers, had included a feature on how to “make a bomb in you mum’s kitchen” in its first edition.

He warned that an article on “how to process a virus in your mum’s kitchen” could be next for the terror organisation – and drones could then be used to spread such infections.

Speaking at the same conference, Theresa May’s deputy national security adviser, Patrick McGuinness, described the internet as “the frontline”.

He added: “Until Isis cannot occupy space online freely, we will not be safe… The speed with which people are brought to violence is almost too fast to catch.”

He added that the likes of Twitter and Facebook could do more to tackle extremism on social media.