Democrat Dirtbag Eric Swalwell Took Donations From Chinese Communist Party Employees

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Rep. Eric Swalwell accepted donations from Chinese Communist Party employees

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell – whose inappropriate relationship with a Chinese Communist Party operative was exposed this week – also accepted donations from employees of Chinese Communist Party-owned companies, according to reports.

Between 2014 and 2015, the California Congressman accepted a total of $6,000 from Victoria Li, an employee of Air China: a state-owned, Chinese Communist Party-run company.

The airline has received numerous awards from the Chinese Communist Party, boasting the “Great Example of Building ‘Team of Four Highlights’ in National State-owned Enterprises”– on its own website:

 Air China’s leadership has been awarded “Great Example of Building ‘Team of Four Highlights’ in National State-owned Enterprises” by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and SAC Party Committee. On September 29, 2008, the Party Central Committee and the State Council held a grand rally at the Great Hall to conclude the Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and gave out awards. Air China was honored as the “Advanced Unit in Beijing Olympics and Paralympics”. reports: Air China also serves as China’s national flag carrier, responsible for flying party dignitaries when flying domestically and internationally.

Li, who works as a customer service manager for the Chinese state-funded company, donated four separate times over the course of one year to Swalwell, who was seeking re-election for a second Congressional term.

The Swalwell campaign’s willingness to accept thousands of Chinese Communist Party-derived dollars adds to the growing list of the congressman’s ties to China.

The revelation follows an Axios report revealing Swalwell’s ties to a Chinese intelligence operative, Christine Fang, welcoming her fundraising efforts and personnel choices.


  1. Son of a bitch! No wonder they want to get rid of Trump. They’re all in bed with China, especially the corrupt Biden family.

  2. Course they have cause Chinas full of western agents .Full of them They basically run the whole factory really and employ the Chinese workers as their virtual slaves .The whole place is chick full of western capitalists who own all the factories

  3. How about Dr. Su Pan? California Medical Dictator. I just got her economic disclosure document and guess what? She has no stocks or bonds, just a government salary, checked a box. Her husband also has a government salary, checked box.

    She is required to disclose all of her assets, except for her home. SHE DISCLOSED NOTHING. AND, she only completed the 700 form on December 8th, right after I ASKED FOR IT via freedom of information. The 700 form is a PUBLIC document.

    People should be VERY suspicious of Dr. Pan. She also did not put her full name on the form, and also did not include her job title. She is the M* F** ing CALIFORNIA PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER. SHE ISSUED THE LOCKDOWN ORDERS NOT NEWSOM.

    Be very suspicious of Dr. Su Pan.

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