Denmark to ban sex with animals

Fact checked

After increasing public pressure from both inside Denmark and abroad, the Danish government are now set to ban bestiality.

I have decided that we should ban sex with animals. That is happening for numerous reasons. The most important is that in the vast majority of cases it is an attack against the animals,” the food and agriculture minister, Dan Jørgensen, told Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet

Sweden, Norway and Germany  have now all banned bestiality.

In April this year, VICE magazine made a short documentary about bestiality and the animal sex tourism in Denmark. “I don’t think the Danish government is doing enough to protect the animals. They need to do something to protect zoophilia in Denmark,” Karoline Lundstrom, a Danish animal rights activist says in a documentary shot.

It looks like the government have finaly listened…….   As RT reports: ‘The long awaited bill, which also requires changes in the country’s welfare animal laws, will be introduced by the Danish government in 2015’


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