Election Fraud USA: ‘Pitchforks And Torches’ Time As Citizens Rise Up

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“Though civil war is unthinkable, pockets of violence, particularly between different social and racial groups is a serious concern for many in the department of domestic affairs”

Washington insiders warn that a falsified election result where Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency will result in tyranny and civil unrest across America.

As the mainstream media log-jam the airwaves with talk that Donald Trump won’t accept the outcome of the election, the real question is – will the people? Election fraud spits at the heart of America, and resisting tyranny at all costs is in America’s DNA.

Every major news network is trumpeting the same fanfare, the headlines are splashed, Lewinsky-scandal style across every national newspaper, and every report marches to the beat of the establishment’s drum. Hilary Clinton, destined for the Oval Office at last, a bastion of dishwater-decency, a column of mediocrity, propping up the Pantheon of compromise. Polls suggest that Mrs Clinton could swan into the White House without so much as a public press conference.

Washington insiders however, consider the election result, though still weeks away, to be as pre-determined, semi-fictional and fraudulent as an America’s Got Talent back story. Largely falsified, tilted heavily to the candidate the press are calling “a safe pair of hands”, and a “medium distance runner”.

On the surface Clinton is a safe pair of hands, someone to steer the country away from recession, to count the chips carefully on the table with an increasingly volatile Europe, to stabilise and cosolidate the economy.

However, leaked reports from Washington suggest that domestic policy might suffer dramatically under a Clinton administration, inner city conflict is set to worsen, and the so called Alt Right are set to radicalise further and take their struggle from the Internet onto the streets.  The last 18 months have seen America riddled with violence, civil unrest and unease. Distrust in mainstream politics has given birth to a new beast, one which has not only grown a socially acceptable face, but appears now to have grown claws.


A source close to the Pentagon told a small circle of reporters that a fringe of Trump supporters had grown so agitated and disgruntled by the alleged rigging of the race for the White House that they have started building small but heavily fortified camps across Idaho and Montana, with a minor presence in eastern Oregon and Washington State.

According to the source, these camps also have a stock pile of tinned foods, a large supply of water and gasoline, electricity generators and arsenals equipped to engage heavy off-road vehicles. Some unconfirmed reports suggested that the Confederate flag was flying over some of the camps.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, said:

Those folks are preparing for martial law, or even civil war if Hilary gets in.

A former Bernie Sanders campaign adviser said:

“Though civil war is unthinkable, pockets of violence, particularly between different social and racial groups is a serious concern for many in the department of domestic affairs

More worrying are reports of an armed militia growing in size in Utah, building training camps and assembling a large weapons cache. As tensions continue to rise in inner city areas, insiders are seriously concerned about the scale of unrest that may break out in the weeks and months after November’s election.

Plans have been drawn up for FEMA camps in Wisconsin should the violence and rioting spiral completely out of the control of law enforcement. One resident said “America has its veins pumping full of madness. Hilary is holding a box, it ain’t Pandora’s this time round.

Speculation that the camps are to be racially segregated has not yet been confirmed.


  1. It is the usual back story of past fallen societies. A few greedy sociopathic ‘leaders’ use doubt to take wildly from the flock until they take too much. Our trick is to peirce the doubt then those who believe laws passed without representing the people are legitimate. Lol….method of piercing tbd…… threeper

  2. Debt slaves have few options, since they seem to love the system as is, why complain this is what you voted for, so does it really matter?

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