WikiLeaks Say Julian Assange Is Still Alive

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Wikileaks announced on twitter that a force of “heavily armed police” had appeared outside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where founder Julian Assange has been holed up since 2012.

The “police” presence appeared earlier in the week just as Wikileaks confirmed that Ecuador had agreed to cut Julian Assange’s internet access after a some political pressure from John Kerry.

With some of his supporters questioning whether the journalist was still alive, just after 5pm Eastern time on Friday Wikileaks tweeted that was still alive and asked supporters to stop taking down the US internet.

The tweet followed a series of cyber attacks that had caused widespread internet disruption on both sides of the Atlantic

The account followed with another tweet that said the Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism Hillary Clinton.

Inquisitr reports:

The organization says that Ecuador was told to silence Assange by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. However, the State Department has denied these claims, noting that they had nothing to do with the sudden termination of Assange’s internet connection.

The Ecuadorian government says that they are still protecting Assange, but they cut his internet access over fears that his document releases were impacting the American election. Ecuador says they have a non-intervention policy when it comes to other country’s elections, and they decided to temporarily cut some access to the internet. However, as NBC News reports, the United States might have actively urged Ecuador to cut Assange’s access by making claims that Russia was working through Assange in a bid to influence the American elections. It should also be mentioned that the leader of Ecuador publicly stated he wanted Clinton to win the election, which certainly casts a shadow of doubt on their non-intervention claims.

“Quiet pressure from the U.S. government played a role in Ecuador’s decision to block WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from using the internet at Ecuador’s London embassy, U.S. officials told NBC News. ‘It was a bit of an eviction notice,’ said a senior intelligence official.”

With the move being noted as a “bit of an eviction notice,” many Wikileaks followers have expressed concern over what will happen to Assange should Ecuador no longer offer him political asylum. Therefore, when Wikileaks posted that heavily armed police had arrived outside the embassy, followers quickly began questioning if the Wikileaks founder had been killed.

Wikileaks notes that the armed guards were pictured on Tuesday but has not provided any further updates


    • PRETTY???? She needs her now, We hired the FBI to do their job, and if they don’t they need to be fired. We have corruption at all levels including GOP. Trump is the only man that can correct all this, if he loses, America is a 3rd World Country with open borders and we will be killed by terrorist.

  1. Ruby Ridge death of kids by our Gov, Waco, death of many kids by our gov, Wikileaks, I am sure Julian is dead, The CA black cop the gov. Accused of being a killer, but it was never proven, they burned him alive. The Oregon standoff, innocent man killed. How long are we going to let our corrupt gov keep killing people that has info on them? Hillary and Comey need to be ARRESTED NOW! WE ALL SHOULD DEMAND THIS! If Hillary is elected you may as well take the Statue of Liberty down, because at this point we are looking like Hitler run Country instead of the USA.

    • ASSANGE IN TROUBLE – LYING MEDIA MAY BE HIDING THE TRUTH. I agree. I think something stinks here. When this was first the case, all the people reporting the leaks ignored the reports of his missing. Christopher Greene of AMTV posted several videos and was one of the last people saying he was the only one paying attention. Then another AMTV member of the group claims having had a phone conversation with him. I cry BS on that one!! I see another story published today with claims that more will be released on Saturday. It doesn’t have a single proof of life element. Further, you can see how the reports that are being made seem filled with ASsange says this and Assange says that – all using old info. It seems like they were all directed in this way. I contacted a couple of them and received no reply; just continued efforts ignoring these facts. Also, a few people who claim they are close to the Embassy said he hasn’t been at the window. The last of those I saw was on the 31st. I fear that Wikileaks has been compromised in a big way.They may have killed other key people and/or silenced them. We already know they lost several to murder this year. There is surely no reason to expect anything different. That the stories continue to be released is good but.. if US reps accessed the materials they can make changes to that the emails don’t match originals. Then they have grounds to claim its all bs. He could have been tortured into giving access and that would get things back to US media and govt liars -controlling the story. It’s also suspicious that the video by Steve Pieczenik specifically claims they had help from Assange. If Assange is such a big player – wouldn’t people be bagging down the door to interview him and in doing so… provide a NEW video with PROOF of life?? Also, I’m pretty sure US agencies are very arrogant in their claimed abilities. They aren’t going to admit to needing any help from someone who compromised their system. After all, they allegedly already have all our info and FBI has its own pages to release more!! . At first I felt good about this stuff and Assange being safe. But – the story doesn’t align. I bet they killed him or have him or he’s in big trouble in their custody with no representation or protection from bad acts. Wish I could go there myself. If someone posts they live there, we won’t know its true. We need a video of him with today;s newspaper and no editing.

      • I felt this too, would like more proof he is alive.. and the videos are old and the lawyer was killed ‘under a train’ in North London recently..and I don’t believe that man would have committed suicide for one minute so someone has got to be feeling really guilty and should be in jail..and it’s not Julian who belongs in jail.. that’s for sure..

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