Canadian Party: “Islam Is the Native Religion of Canada”

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New Canadian party says Islam is the native religion of Canada

Many Canadians have expressed concern over the claim by a political party that Islam is the native religion of Canada.

According to journalist Tarek Fatwah, the newly formed Islamic Party of Ontario wishes to introduce Sharia Law in Canada on the basis that Islam is the native religion of the country. reports: As Fatah noted in his article, “In case you have not heard of the Islamic Party of Ontario, its name was officially reserved under Elections Ontario rules in October 2018, with more steps required before it becomes a formal party.It operates with a mandate to introduce Islamic rule in Ontario and Canada because, according to the fledgling party, “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

Disturbingly, the head of the fledgling party – Jawed Anwar – has called Fatah an “open enemy of Islam,” equivalent to ‘apostasy’ and something that radical Islamists believe is worthy of death:

Says Fatah, “For those who are living in 2019 and the 21st century, this may sound like a joke. But those who are still living as if it is 1019 in the 11th century, the beheading of an alleged Muslim apostate is part of their heritage and faith.”

That’s pretty messed up.

What’s also messed up is the ideal that Islam is the “native religion of Ontario & Canada.”

That is simply 100% WRONG.

Canada’s founding beliefs are clearly Christianity and Indigenous traditions. There’s no way around that basic fact.

Of course, the establishment media and left are silent:

“Can someone explain why the Canadian media (ALL news outlets!) insists on not to report about the new Islamic Party of Ontario and its anti-gay policy? Can someone explain why ALL groups representing the LGBTQ…”

To see a theocratic Islamist party potentially growing in Ontario is a very disturbing thing, and people like Ensaf Haidar – a brave human rights activist who has lived under the rule of Islamist governments, are sounding the alarm:

“After we have the Islamic Party of Ontario officially in Canada, what we should call his leader if he becomes PM of Ontario, Sheikh Grand Mufti of Ontario!

Shame on you Canadian politicians for how you are dealing with this shit issue.”

“The real enemy of Canada is the one who promotes Sharia law and establishes an Islamic party, based on Sharia, in a free country!”

All Canadians must heed the warnings of people like Haidar and Fatah, and stand together attempts to impose Islamist rule or theocracy in our great nation.

It cannot be allowed to happen.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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