Miracle cat survives 20 gunshots in Norway

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From an article in The Local: “The injured animal was taken to a local vet after coming home to its owner. The family pet had been missing for eight days.

The cat was treated and miraculously survived the attack. Its injuries included one air gun pellet in its spine, ten pellets in its back-left leg, five in the left side of its stomach, one in the front-left paw and three pellets in its face. Some of the pellets were successfully removed by the vet, but many of the pellets still remain.
Police chief, Espen Sola, told NRK: “It is simply a tragedy.”

Police are now looking for who was behind the attack or clues leading to an arrest.

On Saturday another cat died after it was impaled by thugs on a tree branch in Vangen, Haugesund.
Police chief Trond Friberg told Haugesunds Avis: “It was simply ill-treated.”

Five cats were killed in Vangen last year. The animal rights organization NOAH will file a case for the murder of the impaled cat, and has also released a 5,000 kroner ($810) reward for leads in connection to the case.

NOAH vet, Siri Martinsen, said: “Remembering the dark past of this area, where several cats have been mistreated and murdered without the attacker being caught, we think it is important to encourage people to come to the police with clues.”

Martinsen claimed there is a significant link between violence against animals and violence against people – particularly worrying when it concerns rough, sadistic violence such as a cat being impaled.”

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