Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother: ‘They’re Trying To Silence My Sister’

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Ghislaine Maxwell's brother says they are trying to take out his sister in jail

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother says he believes US authorities are attempting to silence his sister ahead of a trial in which powerful VIP’s are likely to be implicated in an elite pedophile ring.

Ian Maxwell told interviewers that he thinks his sister Ghislaine Maxwell has experienced ‘physical abuse at the hands of her guards.’ 

‘I don’t see Ghislaine administering a black eye to herself,’ he told Sky News. ‘I think she has suffered some occasional physical abuse at the hands of her guards.’ 

‘It’s designed to break her,’ he told Sky News. ‘That is just unjust. It’s a fundamental abuse of human rights. And I find that quite shocking.’ reports:

Ghislaine was arrested and charged with sexual assault for allegedly grooming teenagers for her then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.  

He is also accusing US authorities of mounting a ‘disinformation campaign’ against his sister.

Ghislaine – who is being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, until her trial next month –  has been accused of procuring teenage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse. 

She has been imprisoned for 486 days – which is longer than Epstein, who was found dead by apparent suicide in his prison cell – in a tiny, isolated cell while she awaits trial, set to start on November 29.

Her multiple applications to be granted bail pre-trial – which has been granted to other big named cases, such as Harvey Weinstein and Derek Chauvin –  has been denied. 

A federal judge cited her citizenship in three countries and immense wealth made her a flight risk. 

Ghislaine has been charged with sex trafficking and now her family is questioning whether or not she will get a fair trial.  

Ian blames the multiple news programs and documentaries that covered Epstein’s crimes as being ‘one-sided.’ 

‘There isn’t any possible other way of viewing this, other than the way the accusers have set it up, and their attorneys, and that strikes me as a campaign designed to prejudice my sister in the eyes of the public,’ he told Sky News. 

He blamed US authorities for the ‘transference of presumed guilt’ onto his sister and said Epstein’s death was a failure for the US judicial system. 

‘There has just simply been a transference of presumed guilt on the part of Jeffrey Epstein without any corroborating evidence,’ he told Sky News. ‘Just simply because she had a relationship. He then dies, and they’ve got to find someone to pay the price.’ 

He said her reputation has been ‘comprehensively trashed’ and that she is being punished ‘prior to conviction.’ 

‘The mountain of allegations made against it [her reputation] and broadcasted and loud hollered around the world is so great, that I have to really ask myself, are we going to get a fair trial?’  

Ian admitted to Sky News that he has not spoken to his sister since her incarceration, but would be ‘shocked’ if she was found guilty. 

The last time Maxwell has seen Ghislaine was in London in 2019 when all the siblings came home to celebrate their father’s 96th birthday and claimed he had only met Epstein once.

‘I have absolutely no memory of Epstein at all,’ he told Good Morning America in March. ‘I had no knowledge of their life or the life that Ghislaine was leading in any great detail.’ 

He also said she has loads of support inside, including from her siblings.

‘We as a family are behind her, solidly behind her,’ Ian told Good Morning America in March. He also confirmed her siblings are all behind her and believe her innocence. 

‘She is not Epstein. Epstein was guilty. He did time. And he was gonna do a hell of a lot more time. But she is not him. And I don’t know how many times I have to say it,’ he told Good Morning America. 

‘She deserves to be treated as Ghislaine, presumed innocent, get on with the defense, tell us what you’ve got to tell us, put it up, and then let the jury decide.’ 

Ghislaine’s friends have also filed letters to support her failed bail applications and she has gotten plenty of mail while incarcerated, Ian said. 

‘Obviously there’s a lot of cuckoo mail, and mail you don’t want to be sharing with your nearest and dearest,’ he told Insider. ‘But there is also a huge postbag of supportive mail, from Americans who recognize that what’s happening to her is unjust.’

Ian’s convinced one of the reasons his sister doesn’t have an outpouring of public support is because of one of Epstein’s alleged victims Virginia Giuffre, who accused Ghislaine, Epstein, and other powerful figures, including Prince Andrew, of sexual misconduct.  

‘There is an image out there with her being next to Prince Andrew with his arm around her and Ghislaine in the back,’ Ian told Insider. 

‘That image is a very, very powerful image that has been gone around the world and has set the tone,’ he said. ‘Certainly, it is the image in people’s minds of this whole horrible business.’ 

Giuffre is not a complainant in Ghislaine’s case. 

Twenty-three other women have accused Epstein of assault.

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