VIP Elite Panic As Court Orders FBI to Unmask Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Pedophile Co-Conspirators’

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VIP elite brace themselves after court orders release of names of Ghislaine Maxwell's pedophile co-conspirators

Powerful politicians, Hollywood celebrities and members of the British royal family are very nervous right now as the identities of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “unnamed co-conspirators” are set to become public. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, a close friend of Bill Clinton and the Clinton family, is currently in federal custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York awaiting trial.

Maxwell worked as Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile pimp for years and the DOJ knew they were supplying underage girls as young as 12 to the rich and powerful, but they refused to act.

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In a three-page ruling, Judge Nathan  ordered the government to  “disclose all co-conspirator statements it intends to offer at trial no later than” Oct. 11, Law & Crime reported.

Law & Crime reported:

Federal prosecutors must disclose the “identities of any unnamed co-conspirators” whose names they plan to refer to at trial to Ghislaine Maxwell, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

“The government argues that there is no risk of surprise because ‘it currently intends’ to introduce the alleged co-conspirator statements of only two individuals,” the order states. “At the same time, however, the Government proffers that it ‘may change its view as it prepares for trial.’ […] The Court thus finds the Government’s reassurance hollow and insufficient to ensure that the Defendant may adequately prepare her defenses.”

“Moreover, the Government has not alleged that disclosure here would create ‘potential danger to co-conspirators’ or risk ‘compromising continuing investigations,’” the judge wrote. “It merely argues that disclosing the identities risks ‘harm to the Government from restricting its proof at trial.’”

Judge Nathan was skeptical about this claim.

“The Government provides no explanation for this purported harm and none is apparent to the Court,” she wrote. “Thus, the Court finds that this concern alone does not outweigh the risk of surprise to the Defendant in this case or the need for the parties to litigate co-conspirator issues in advance of trial to ensure the absence of delay.”

Who are the unnamed co-conspirators?

“The identity of Epstein’s unknown co-conspirators has always been intriguing. He ran in powerful circles. One name that always comes up is Bill Clinton. This summer, unsealed records from Maxwell’s civil case implicated Bill Clinton being around “2 young girls” at Epstein’s island.” attorney “Techno Fog” wrote in a Substack.


  1. theyre all in it together Epsteins not the master mind The DOJ most likely really is in effect in America and then secret services co ordinate the global operations.The names were being given are clues , the if you like civilian players in the whole theatre of operations,

    • It all began when they killed JFK, he was about to put an end to the CIA and their plans to turn America into a secret hidden money mill the new money making business for them to control and perpetuate= the sex industry gambling, drugs and babies and children for Adrenochrome addicted Luciferians. When the CIA & Onassis killed JFK, America and all that was good in it died with him. Now it is a filthy cesspit of sin and vice and human misery. The ones who serve satan are the same police/soldiers who actually killed Christ on orders. Lucifer would have no power on this earth without poverty, prisons, police, soldiers the security forces. But what he uses the most, before they burn in Hell for eternity are the filthy Rich via Banking and finance.”For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul? For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels: and then will he render to every man according to his works. Amen I say to you, there are some of them that stand here, that shall not taste death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” Hell is coming for all who serve satan, their time is up very soon.

      • Bush and the other texas oilmen killed him. Bush was in charge of the CIA operation that day. LBj was in on it and had already had murdered quite a few people. Jackie was in on it too. They killed him for the 11110 statute that’s true. But for other things too For things he said as a Catholic For the death of Marilyn Monroe For refusing Israelatomic weapons For wanting to. Withdraw from Vietnam A heap of reasons but for saying he put politics before Catholicism. Saying he put the Pope below the President. But the pedophilia is ancient ancient paganism and goes back centuries to human sacrifice and to drinking virgun which was usually only children’s blood since 12 was the normal. age for marriage all over the world for centuries u til quite recently. Even 16 was normal or acceptable until the 1960s.So nit started pre Christianity. And so they are the Anti Christ Yes.

        • And it actually really annoys me that people today really believe that forever in the olden days people were gurguns and didn’t have sex till they were like 28 or something Nothing could be further from the truth Pedophilia, as the law defines it today. was normal Normal except pedophilia then was with infants and tiddlers That’s was abnormal But young kids, no it was normal Even biblically God had a hard time finding a virgun the scholars say because they were so rare at child bearing age then. We have been lied to so bafly now about is normal. Human behaviour. Look in the English navy every ships captain had a cabin boy a d he had to come from a good home, ie do he was a virgin. because kids were sex workers as well as just used for sex because they were safer from the pox than teenagers. No one called the captain a pedo and the cabin boys all grew up to become officers It was normal. Ever yone accepted it as normal life. And that wasn’t a million years ago It was trecent modern history.. Look Aretha Franklin had her first child at 14 and had 4 kids by 18 Fid she cry her life was ruined? And that was normal then except in the media now who create a whole myth about the past Even my youngest aunt married her husband at barely 17 back in the early 70s and that was normal It wa totally OK. You have to be careful about being programmed.

          • So in effect because Christianity and I think Islam too both stopped legalised human sacrifice the old school pagan satanists had to use the law and medicine to carry on their religious rites, by burning witches and doong all manner of “medicine” and “justice”..

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