Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sex Fixer Was at Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding

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Jeffrey Epstein's child sex fixer Ghislaine Maxwell pictured at Chelsea Clinton's wedding

The woman accused of grooming and obtaining underage girls for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was pictured at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Epstein had already been convicted for sex crimes at the time of Chelsea’s 2010 wedding.

Ghislaine Maxwell appears in photo’s just feet away from Bill Clinton as he walked his daughter down the aisle.

Maxwell is accused in court documents of luring underage girls to have sex with Epstein.

Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s alleged sex slaves, was “handed off” to Prince Andrew three times. She claims that she met Bill Clinton twice with Epstein and that she was recruited by Maxwell herself when she was just a teenager.

“I’d have been about 17 at the time,” Roberts told the Daily Mail. “I flew to the Caribbean with Jeffrey and then Ghislaine Maxwell went to pick up Bill in a huge black helicopter that Jeffrey had bought her.”

“I only ever met Bill twice but Jeffrey had told me that they were good friends,” Roberts told the British newspaper. “I asked, ‘How come?’ and he laughed and said, ‘He owes me some favours.’ Maybe he was just joking but it constantly surprised me that people with as much to lose as Bill and [Prince] Andrew weren’t more careful.” reports: Epstein and Clinton were such close friends that Epstein had 21 phone numbers for former-President Clinton in his contacts book.

The Daily Mail reports that Maxwell was initially served with a subpoena in September 2009, as she was leaving the Clinton Global Initiatives Conference in New York — but she has never been charged for her role in the alleged trafficking.

Roberts’ lawyer has now suggested that it is possible that Maxwell is cooperating with the FBI.

“The one person most likely in jeopardy is Maxwell because the records that are going to be unsealed have so much evidence against her,’ Lawyer David Boies, who represents,” the lawyer explained. “She is in a particularly vulnerable position and will have an interest in cooperating, even though she may have missed that opportunity.”

Maxwell was named in the Florida case against Epstein as his “madam” and “sex trafficker,” but he was given a sweetheart deal and only served 13-months while being allowed out on work release to his office six days a week — despite the mountain of evidence of his egregious crimes.

Former President Clinton put out a statement following Epstein’s arrest saying that he has only been on his private plane, the “Lolita Express,” four times. Flight logs prove that is a lie.

Flight logs from 2015 reveal that Clinton had flown on the private plane at least a dozen times. That number is actually much higher however, with Fox News reporting that he had taken at least 26 flights on the plane.


  1. Where are the Dem cries for full disclosure? Let’s see his unredacted books! C’mon…full DOXing!!

  2. Bill Clinton was the greatest friend Israel ever had.
    Jeff Epstein has video of Bill Clinton humping under aged girls.

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