Smoking Gun: 9/11 Hijacker Had Blackwater Phone Number In Notebook

Fact checked

Court documents reveal that 9/11 hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui, had a Blackwater training center telephone number scribbled in his notebook.

Blackwater are a private American military security company who provide the U.S. and foreign governments with a multitude of security-related services.

They were offered a $27.7 million contract by the U.S. government to help fight the Iraq War.

So why was a 9/11 terrorist in contact with a government approved military training company before the September 11th attacks?


  1. This is a fake story conjured up to confuse people. We are ALL aware that our own Government, along with Israel, were behind 9/11. There was tons of military grade Nano Thermite found within the WTC dust. Only ONE country had access to that Nano Thermite: The United States. We know that Israel told 3,000 of its own citizens not to be in the WTC on 9/11. Then, there’s the 5 dancing Israelis who told an audience in Israel they were sent there to “document the event”. According to the last poll, 89% of all Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. I am one of them even though President Bush is my 5th cousin.

    • Not so sure, there was a para military group active in the Vegas shootings too. Most likely a combination. And it sure looks like someone backed up the 9-11 take downs with ‘pocket’ nukes as well.

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