World Leaders Gather In Paris – New World Order Ahead?

Fact checked

Journalist and Author Naomi Wolf sums up the mood perfectly on Facebook when world Leaders met earlier on Sunday to ‘honor’ the Paris victims after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

In a Facebook post she says:

This is very unusual in statecraft. You would not ordinarily have all of these heads of state in one place out in the open so close together for security reasons, especially in such as unstable situation.

The body language is very very uneasy…maybe for security reasons? But if so why would they take a risk like this, how would their staffs let them? From what I know about moving heads of state around, this would take coordination on a massive level and not all security services would be on board with it….I don’t get it.

It would take weeks of scrambling and negotiation among various offices to make something like this happen and then flat out objections from many security teams..confusing

We agree with her sentiments. The following two pictures, when put side-by-side, are strikingly similar.


Indeed, as Naomi Wolf puts it: “...The leaders walking side by side in a Paris street scared me, and I see now that it was because of an echo of an iconic image…Why are all heads of state and the EU converging all at once here? And not in all the other places attacks and massacres are taking place? This is messaging about pan-Europan changes in laws…mark my words.