Are You Crooked? Scientists Reveal Shocking Report On Why Our Faces Changed

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Have you noticed that more and more people have crooked faces? Lopsided, uneven smiles, and eyes that don't point as straight as they used to?

Have you noticed that more and more people have crooked faces? Lopsided, uneven smiles, and eyes that don’t point as straight as they used to?

Our faces are warning us that something is wrong in our bodies. Millions of Americans are vaccine damaged and they don’t even know it.

There are celebrities with crooked faces. It is now considered normal by society. Usually the facial palsy is on the left side of their faces. Why is this?

The autism epidemic is front and center in the vaccination safety debate, but it’s not just children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders that have suffered at the hands of Big Pharma. It is people like you and me.

Your life will never be the same after you learn to spot the symptoms of vaccine damage in the faces of children and adults. You will look into the faces of babies, young children, teens and adults of all ages and you will see undeniable evidence of vaccine injuries.

Warning Signs reports: There are a few different ways your child might exhibit cranial nerve lesions. Although there are a few others, these are the most common faces to look out for. Use your phone to document your child’s face and see if you can notice when it changed.



Were our faces always crooked?

We didn’t always have crooked faces. If you look back at old photographs from the Victorian and Civil War era, you will be hard pressed to find images of people with crooked faces. They all seem to be symmetrical.


Even when you find older pictures of people smiling, which seem to be rare, you will never see anyone with a crooked smile (besides Edgar Allan Poe). They will always have even smiles, with both sides pulling up the same amount.


Now, crooked faces are everywhere you look. There are many celebrities with famously crooked faces, and for some reason, most of them all seem to have facial palsy on the left side of their face. Why is this?


You might think this is a Hollywood “smirk”. You might think this is normal. But when you see it in children, especially babies, you realize that this is not a smirk at all, but a sign that something is wrong.


It’s not just crooked smiles. People’s eyes don’t point as straight as they used to. This is called strabismus, and like the lopsided smiles, you can see it everywhere.


Are vaccines causing our crooked faces?

Many parents have noticed their children’s faces becoming crooked directly after their shots, but were unsure as to how a vaccine might cause this problem. Because parents often have so many photos of their children on their phone, they are often able to find striking images of the difference in their children’s faces before and after their vaccines.

Before and after vaccines.

Other parents have noticed their children’s eyes turn in or out rapidly after receiving vaccines. This condition is called strabismus and can often resolve itself. The question remains, why might vaccines be causing this? And could it be a sign of something else going wrong?

Before and after vaccines.

Inside the brain stem are pairs of cranial nerve nuclei, one for each side of the body. These parts of the brain control movement and detect sensory inputs for many different parts of your head. If something goes wrong here, babies can develop crooked faces. Could vaccines be targeting this particular area for some reason?

Inside the brain stem, where the damage that causes crooked faces occurs.

Could crooked faces be warning signs?

What if we knew vaccines were harming our children, before their gut issues? Before the eczema, before the missed developmental milestones? From their very first few weeks outside the womb, before they could talk, before they could point with their hands, what if there was a way- a sign, a signal, we might realize that vaccines were harming our children?

Babies can’t talk and they can’t point but despite these limitations, they can still communicate to parents that something in their body is going wrong. This communication, these signals, these warnings, are happening right now, with children everywhere, and despite the fact they are looking us right in the face, we are missing it. It’s so prevalent, so obvious, we can’t even see it.

Why do doctors tell us the sign on the left is a warning sign something is wrong in the body, but not the signs on the right?

Crooked smiles and misaligned eyes are things we look for as signs of a stroke in an older person, but for some reason, when it occurs with children, we ignore it, or if we happen to notice it at all, call it cute.

When you look at people 50 years ago, it doesn’t seem to exist. Everyone’s faces look perfectly symmetrical. But as you move forward in time, everyone’s faces seem to have become crooked. Some of these smiles you might assume are smirks – smug expressions of superiority. But when you see them in toddlers, even babies, you begin to see them for what they are – warning signs. Signals from their body that indicate something is not right. Many children exhibit these changes soon after their vaccines.

When you start to look for it, you will notice this phenomenon is everywhere.

What can you do about it?

If you’d like to understand how vaccines may be causing crooked faces, and what you can do about it, this video explains all of the concepts you need to know about. It includes a look historical photos of straight faces and discusses how our modern faces may have become so crooked. Other topics are covered such as how autoimmune disorders happen and why children, specifically boys, get autism.

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