Democrat Vegan Mom Kills Son with ‘Carbon Friendly’ Diet

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Vegan mom sentenced to life in prison for killing son on the no-meat diet

A Democrat vegan woman was found guilty of murdering her 18 month old son after she force fed him a diet of raw fruit and vegetables.

According to the New York Post, “Sheila O’Leary, 39, is facing life in prison after a jury convicted her Wednesday of murder over the 2019 death of her toddler, Ezra.” reports: The child died on Sept., 27 2019 in Cape Coral, Florida and Sheila and her husband Ryan were charged with first-degree murder in December of that year. The pair were also charged with aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, child abuse, and two counts of child neglect.

According to Law and Crime, State Attorney Amira Fox said “The evidence and crime scene in this case are gut-wrenching. These are images as a mother and State Attorney I will not be able to forget.”

The couple were offered a plea deal with 30 year sentences but both declined. Sheila now awaits sentencing, possibly for life, while her husband awaits trial.

According to The Daily Mail, the O’Leary’s have “a three-year-old and a five-year-old” who were also malnourished and were reported on the scene to have had yellow skin and black, rotting teeth.

Sheila had another child from a different relationship, an 11 year old girl, whose health was reported as “considerably better than that of the other kids.”

Prosecutors described Ezra as a child who was emaciated to the point where one could see his skeletal structure. The child was born at home and never went to the doctor. Sheila ignored the sick child’s incessant crying as he deteriorated towards death.

The child apparently started having difficulty breathing the night before his death but his parents went to sleep instead of getting him help. He stopped breathing overnight and paramedics pronounced him dead when they arrived on the scene the next morning.


  1. The child never had a chance, at least the other children may have a chance to recover. I have to wonder where the parents worked if they worked.

  2. What happened to her that made her so completely unwilling to accept anything doctors said, to have nothing at all to. Do with them or their advice. I’m very curious about the set up there.

    • But how do you ignore it when your child has difficulty breathing? When their skin turns yellow and their teeth turn black?
      I was a therapist for many years and made diagnoses of mental illness – look at the picture of this woman, she looks COLD as ice. There is something very disturbing about her countenance.

      • That’s what I’m saying too. What happened to her? There’s nothing normal about that situation at all

      • Actually bear in mind that is taken possibly after she has been going through a trial years after the event and probably years after being incarcerated Now there’s no reason for a child fed a vegetarian diet to have yellow skin or black rotted teeth, that I know of. Yellow skin suggest jaundice or hepatitis neither of which result from being vegan.. Difficulty breathing is not symptomatic of being a vegan. There sooooo much being concealed. We have no evidence of those claims either Apparently Theyre verbal statements alleging”images “But are their pictures It’s not clear It’s implied but unclear. No there’s something very very abnormal there. I suspect she may well have been some sort of victim of some sort of systemic abuse herself that led her away from trusting the mainstream medical fraternity Something very extreme which also manifests in her picture in Court which express to me something that possibly means both her and her husband will now be silenced for life.

        • But so often we’re given just the. sketchiest outline and it’s ALWAYS ALMOST, excepting Assange because he’s a journalist too, in line with the prosecution And they know it They know its going to be reported their way. There’s really a book in lost news articles but they’re vibdebsed into yesterday rubbish Disposed off conveniently all politically correctly.

      • A therapist Is not a medical doctor and in many states anyone can be a therapist but they can NOT give diagnoses or opinions they are more like BEDPAN nurses doing custodial so doctor? WTF gives?

        • I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and worked for the county, was supervised by an MFCC while I got my hours to be licensed – that’s how I was LEGALLY able to make diagnoses of mental illness. btw, a therapist must have a Master’s degree and be licensed or under supervision to work as a therapist, no not just anyone can be a therapist. This is true in every state last time I checked. Therapists do not do bedpan work, or any type of nursing and I don’t need to be a doctor in order to diagnose mental illness. You have NO idea what you’re talking about, not the slightest.

  3. Confirms what I’ve been saying for a long time that only stupid people are breeding nowadays.

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