Oprah Winfrey Employee Pleads Guilty to Raping Children

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Oprah Winfrey employee pleads guilty to raping children

An Oprah Winfrey employee has pleaded guilty to raping multiple children, according to reports.

Court documents, revealed ahead of his Thursday hearing, showed that Netflix star Jerry Harris planned to plead guilty in a federal child rape case.

The Hollywood pedophile admitted that he repeatedly attempted to rape minors at cheerleading competitions, Chicago court records show.

Nypost.com reports: While sentencing guidelines call for up to 50 years in prison, it will be up to the judge to determine Harris’ fate at a hearing set for June 28, the outlet reported.

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Harris, of Naperville, Illinois, has been held without bond at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center ever since his September 2020 arrest on a child pornography charge.

Federal prosecutors later filed additional charges alleging Harris coerced minors into sending him explicit photos, tried to persuade a minor to engage in oral sex at cheerleading events and solicited another for sex.

Harris admitted in an interview with FBI agents to having five to 10 victims, according to a criminal complaint.

The case against Harris stemmed from a February 2020 complaint from the mother of twin brothers who claimed they were “groomed” for sex by the star cheerleader.

The siblings, who are competitive cheerleaders from Texas, said the alleged abuse began when they were around 13 and Harris was 19 — and that it lasted for more than a year.

Prosecutors allege that Harris started soliciting photos from one of the boys in late 2018.

He then allegedly followed the victim into a bathroom at a cheerleading event two years later and sexually assaulted him, according to the complaint.

Harris rose to fame as the breakout star of Netflix’s “Cheer” docuseries, which follows the cheer squad from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.

His shocking arrest was recently addressed when Season 2 of the docuseries premiered on Jan. 12.

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