George W. Bush Blasts Putin For Illegally Invading Ukraine

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George W Bush

George W. Bush has slammed Russian president Vladimir Putin for illegally invading and attacking another country.

“Russia’s attack on Ukraine constitutes the gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II. I join the international community in condemning Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine,” Bush said in a statement.

He added that “We cannot tolerate the authoritarian bullying and danger that Putin poses”.

Well Bush would know all about illegal invasions! He was president when America illegally invaded Iraq on the pretext of finding “weapons of mass destruction”…..the ones that never existed.

And Twitter users, who weren’t born yesterday, were quick to point out his hypocritical comments.

Summit News reports: As well as claiming the lives of thousands of U.S. troops, the attack killed at least hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and led to the generational destabilization of the entire region.

That attack was also justified by erroneous claims that Saddam Hussein had links to Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 atrocity, something else that was completely invented by U.S. intelligence services.

Twitter users reacted with more than an ounce of skepticism towards Bush denouncing an ‘illegal invasion’ when his administration set the benchmark for illegal invasions.


    • He was behind 9/11. He should have been arrested and charged as a terrorist sponsor. Most likely from mamy sources alternative media won’t present.

  1. ukraine is a break away state and is a huge part of the china/russian enconomics as ukriane is the bread basket of the eastern bloc and has alot of iron and metals also.Russian is the fuel and metals that china builds with.So we are only biting the hand the feeds us and our war profiting LOBBY owned goverment is going along with the 1% run and backed war to kill more of the poor.WTF about kazakhstan russia also took them back from a dictor as they have all the gas NEWS BLACK OUT 100% news owned and run by the 1%.If mexico took back texas or texas broke away we would also take them back by force.Sending in free arms no american tax payers backs is dead wrong

    • Russia is the bread basket from the Steppes. Norway or Denmark is the 2 nd biggest Iron mine on earth not Ukraine, Russia has the oil fields at the caspian, unless they’ve drained them, which is unlikely. Kazakhstan is altogether set up to be new world capital bureaucratic centre. Nursuktan would have set up everything to work with Russia and the New president was most likely an illegal with a rigged dominion style election.

      • they have just started to tap the gas and have more than the middle east and as long predicted the middle east is running out.Kazakhstan was a news blackout cake walk in for russia as NASA and america needs their fuel so MUM is the WORD on kazakhstan which also has been getting the USA into space for ages now also

  2. we will pay for everything again as the gas price shot up and bread and food also due to our free arms give away-just one more tax and our poor kids will get dead over there maybe draft them ? again trump? and kill`um off gain for the 1% to fill their deep pockets

  3. The point of making that top story is so people who think understand that he has told Putin if he loses or surrenders or withdraws and thinks everything will go back to normal once he’s finished his mission in Ukraine, is so they will know the West has said very emphatically, no We’ve labelled you as a war criminal now so you fight to the death Surrender or defeat mean your execution now Thats the point of the story, if you have a brain at all. Which out PM echoed no doubt from his “close advisors” lips yesterday.

  4. they must be close to removing Biden from office to pull this “one and killery” out of the woodwork…….ask Putin to take down the biolabs in Georgia while he’s at it. no cookies necessary. nor children’s books.

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