WaPo: Armed Teachers ‘Likely’ To Kill Black Children

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WaPo say that arming teachers will lead to them shooting black children

The Washington Post has warned its readers that arming teachers will result in the mass execution of black and Hispanic children. 

In a shocking op-ed, a WaPo writer argues that arming teachers will lead to more deaths in schools:

How long would it be, if Trump’s plan became reality, before a teacher shoots a black student and then invokes the “I feared for my life” defense we continually hear from police officers who misinterpret young black people’s behavior with deadly consequences?

A mountain of data on persistent racial biases and disparities in education and on police presence in schools – as well as a recent increase in racial harassment in schools – makes it clear that kids of color won’t be safe if their teachers are carrying weapons.

Americanthinker.com reports: I understand this fear.  Most teachers are liberals, members of the National Educational Association (NEA), and liberals by their nature are sometimes racist, often violently so, against black people.  Perhaps racism against blacks is in the DNA of the NEA.

Most high-profile mass shootings have been committed by white men, but metal detectors, school police and armed guards are disproportionately placed in public schools with majority black and other nonwhite students, along with locked gates, random sweeps, and a host of other surveillance and security measures to maintain control in their schools.  Research shows that such practices foster hostile environments[.]

That’s true.  If you go to an inner-city school in Harlem or Chicago or Los Angeles or Oakland or many other cities, it is as safe as can be because, as we all know, white people are the cause of most violence.  That’s why white suburbanites flock to inner-city schools: because they know how safe they are.  Now, if they could only get rid of all those racist locked gates and security guards at inner-city schools, they would be much happier places.

[A] report also found that white students are punished differently from their black counterparts for the same offenses.  In one example, a white student deemed bored in class threw chairs around the classroom and was promoted to a higher math class while a black student was suspended for simply balling his fists.

Yes.  White kids who are violent are put on the honor roll, while black kids get handcuffed simply for turning in their homework.

Anjene Davis works in the Charleston County Public School District in South Carolina … [and says,] “Black assertiveness is seen as black hostility to white teachers, as opposed to the teachers recognizing that it is a strength in the black student.  I fear that when black students stand up for themselves, white teachers will interpret that as the students attacking them.”

Do you think having white teachers watch Black Panther might help them understand black culture better?

Teachers know what they really need to transform their classrooms and school into places of empowerment, and it’s not guns.  On Twitter, they used the #ArmMeWith hashtag to list more important priorities: smaller classrooms, improved textbooks, adequate supplies and more resources for students with challenges.

Do they make bulletproof textbooks for the inner cities?  Just wondering.

Speaking seriously, this is propaganda in its finest form.  The screed starts with a sweeping, unproven generalization, that white teachers are racist killers.  Then it buttresses the argument with unsupported anecdotes claiming that white violence is tolerated while black cooperation is not, and then it concludes by ignoring the entire issue of classroom security to talk about the pressing need for more erasers and pencil-sharpeners in the classroom.

Exit question: Do you think the black kids in these inner-city schools would be happier with more erasers and fewer security guards?

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