Sarah Palin Calls On Trump To Leave UN After Israeli Settlement Vote

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Sarah Palin Calls On Trump To Leave UN After Israeli Settlement Vote

Sarah Palin has called on the US President-elect Donald Trump to extricate Washington from the United Nations over the recent vote on Israel’s illegal construction of settlements in Palestine.

The former republican governor said there were two ways the future president could remove the country from the UN.

Press TV reports:

“One is, I called for our next president, Donald Trump, to call for the unshackling of the political bands tying us to the UN,” she said. “By exiting the U.N., where injustice is actually rewarded, we then will be able to uphold America’s reputation as the leader, and as the kind and compassionate and generous nation that we are – as the nation sharing values that, when emulated by any other nation, can bring justice and equal rights to any other nation.”

She also added that different factions in the government should join forces to move against the world body, headquartered in New York City

“Our government, our bureaucrats and our elected leaders, work for us,” said the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee. “We are the ones that need to call for this, that the UN shackles be next on the chopping block.”

Being unpopular among American conservatives, the UN has specifically been targeted by pro-Israeli GOPers, including the president-elect himself, over a resolution against the Israeli settlements.

“Speaking of Israel, it’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous, that the left now is so obsessed with national borders, obsessed with Israel’s borders,” Palin said. “Their defense of what they have just done, in stabbing Israel, is based on their supposed desire to see borders enforced. Since when? They never have seemed to understand the concern that we have, nor the purpose of a nation’s borders. They don’t care about America’s porous borders continuing as is.”

The administration of US President Barack Obama was a staunch supporter of the so-called two-state solution but to no avail as Tel Aviv kept up with its expansive policies in Palestine with an intransigent attitude.

The attitude has in part been the reason for sour ties between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which finally led to the US abstention from voting on Security Council Resolution 2334 on December 23.

The resolution calls on Israel to “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem al-Quds.”

It also states that the building of settlements by Israel has “no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.”

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  1. Sarah Palin is as much of an idiot as all of the other far right wingers that Donald Trump has centered himself around with,for having the United States quite the United Nations would be a major disaster for us all and it would put our nation in great danger(as the Alt Right is currently doing[and establishing]).

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