ISIS Uses Chicken Blood To Stage Fake Photographs

Fact checked
ISIS fake more propaganda media using chicken blood

A new ISIS photograph purporting to show a young dead boy lying down in a pool of blood has been exposed as yet another fake in a growing collection of fake propaganda by the terrorist organisation. 

It turns out the young boy in the photo was actually lying in a pool of chickens blood. reports:

The gory picture claimed to show a lad murdered by Iraqi soldiers.

But the snap has been exposed as a LIE.

Journalist Haidar Sumeri posted the original picture on Twitter, alongside one ISIS never wanted you to see.

It shows the ‘dead’ child alive and well and posing with a huge smile next to the bloodied feathers of slaughtered chickens.


The same blood was later used to stage the boy’s murder.

Sumeri tweeted: “FAKE: Image widely spread of a young boy in Fallujah killed by #Iraq’s forces turns out to be staged.

“How lovely.”

The terror group used to picture to drum up support and inspire new recruits to its sick jihadi cause.

ISIS took control over the city of Fallujah from the Iraqi Government in 2014.

Since then, the city has been gripped by on-going war and increasing famine.

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