Candace Owens: Media Is Manipulating Black Americans To Spark Election Year ‘Race War’

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The mainstream media is "trying to inspire a race war" in an election year according to Candace Owens, who urged her African American compatriots to stop rioting and acting "like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story."

The mainstream media is “trying to inspire a race war” in an election year according to Candace Owens, who urged her African American compatriots to stop rioting and acting “like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story.

That’s how you have to be black? Listen to your psychological conditioning,” Owens said.

If to be black, you can’t speak in proper English, or you’re “acting white.” Right? To be black, you instantly have to jump up like a ****** trained chimpanzee – excuse my language – like a trained chimpanzee every single time the media runs a story, and act angry, and riot, and talk about how pained you were to see this happen to black people, but keep your mouth shut, right, when it happens black-on-black because if you talk about the black-on-black crime, you’re a race traitor, right?”

Owens also suggested that African Americans can learn from the example set by Scottish people in the 17th century.

Scottish people were severely behind the English people, just in terms of everything. And David Hume inspired and uplifted and challenged the Scottish people by saying if we want to get ahead, we have to learn English,” Owens said.

In a matter of years, in a matter of decades, the Scottish people passed the English people in engineering, and in the sciences. And it’s because they challenged themselves to be better, and not to be worse. They didn’t pretend that somehow having a broken language, having broken-down families was a symbol of who we are. And that is so unique to Black America. I won’t subscribe to it. People say that’s how you have to be Black.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Sh5es a nasty bitch who should be muzzled. And a liar or a fraud ,cause of she doesnt k iw they’re doing it to destroy american unity create division to divide from within to conquer from without then she should still be in primary school and is u for for her office.

  2. What will the deep state try next after the race war? …i’m guessing the big one, ‘False Flag Alien Invasion’. I can’t wait!

  3. She is %100 right and brilliant for speaking out. Unfortunately most blacks have a low IQ, they love to be violent and loot as its in their savage genes and hasnt been bred out yet.

  4. The Mayor of Chicago proved what type of dirt bag she is. Her incompetence is noted all over the USA… 49 Shot 9 dead just over Memorial Day Weekend and she could care less because she was send cops to arrest and stop churches from opening. She has to throw some crap at the President because she thinks people are actually stupid enough to think she is of any consequence. The state is in the mess it is in because of Pritzker and Lightfoots incompetence not the Presidents or anyone else outside of this corrupt state.

  5. Dear Candace / none of us are chimpanzees – – when a peaceful demonstration is predominately of disenfranchised citizens, soft targets, and more so when the skin tone darkens, you must look carefully of what motivations and intents merged into the assemblage of any size. Those who are committed to peaceful protest must separate, leave in a preplanned controlled orderly fashion and let the components of looters, race baiter’s, police
    provocateurs, rioting police officers, do their violent battle dance. All to often the police draw back for personal safety to watch the final show and do the mopping up when a safer tempo permits.

    As one now age 81, we saw all of the above taking place as we did things like sitting in at the 1964 NYC Worlds Fair. Your fervor is appreciated, but some of us saw these days coming long before the likes of Antifa. Antifa has made it’s game known so there are no surprises out there, just failure to adopt in a wiser manner.

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