Hunter Biden To Drop Laptop Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani

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Hunter Biden is dropping his lawsuit accusing Rudy Giuliani and the former New York City mayor’s ex-lawyer of distributing private information found on his notorious ‘laptop from hell’.

His lawyer Abbe Lowell filed the stipulation for dismissal in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Thursday.

Biden had accused Giuliani and his attorney Robert Costello of being “primarily responsible” for destroying his digital privacy and the total annihilation of his personal life

InfoWars reports: Hunter’s lawyer Abbe Lowell and Giuliani’s lawyer Joseph Sibley jointly agreed to drop the case and said in the filing that each side would pay for their own lawyers and court fees.

Giuliani spokesperson Ted Goodman lauded the dismissal as a victory for the former New York City mayor, saying Biden’s claims have now “been withdrawn and proven to be entirely false.”

“This should serve as a reminder to people that — despite the unrelenting attacks by partisan Democrats and their allies in the permanent Washington political class — Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s integrity and commitment to the truth is unwavering,” he said in a statement.

This comes after the Department of Justice submitted Hunter’s laptop information into evidence for his gun trial, in which 54-year-old Hunter was found guilty on three counts this week.

Biden’s electronic devices were used to help convict him of gun charges in federal court by suggesting he lied on a firearm registration form about his drug addiction in 2018, with pictures showing apparent drugs and text messages with a dealer discussing drug use.

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