Top British Lawyer: Charles Killed Princess Diana – New Investigation Needed

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Top British lawyer calls for new investigation on Princess Diana murder

A top British lawyer claims that Princess Diana’s death was “no accident” and is calling for a fresh investigation into the fatal Paris car crash 20 years ago.

QC Michael Mansfield who previously represented Mohammed Al Fayed, claims that Prince Charles was directly involved in the murder of Diana in a new US documentary broadcast this weekend.

Mansfield became suspicious because police did not react to a note Diana wrote claiming Prince Charles was plotting to kill her in a car accident, just months before she died.

As The Sun reports,

He said: “If you find a body at the bottom of the cliffs in Dover and the person has left a note saying, ‘I’m going to end up at the bottom of the cliffs, dead’ and, in the note, she’d indicated who she thought would be responsible for her death, I think the first port of call is to say, ‘Hmm, well there may be something in this’.”

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Mr Mansfield, who represented Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed, makes his claims in a US documentary which resurrects a host of conspiracy theories.

It touches on claims she was killed because she was pregnant by Mr Fayed’s Muslim son Dodi.

The show, on TLC on Saturday, also features a dramatisation of Princes William and Harry sobbing.

As for the reason why the Royal Family wanted Diana dead?  The lawyer claims it was because the princess was carrying Dodi Al Fayed’s child.