Rick Perry Worried About Jade Helm?

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Rick Perry

Former Governor Of Texas, Rick Perry said in an interview on Wednesday that if he was President, people’s attitudes to conspiracy theories would be different.

He was speaking with Glenn Beck on his radio show about the Jade Helm Military training exercise which is about to start in July.
Jade Helm has aroused suspicion amongst some, that a military takeover or martial law in America is imminent.
They question the Federal Government’s true intentions for the upcoming military training exercise. Mr. Perry has now joined the group by fearing for the takeover of his beloved State of Texas.

At the same time he is sure Americans will not be so suspicious of the Federal Government if he was the President. In an interview with right wing commentator and radio host, Glenn Beck, he attacks the current President for people’s distrust in the federal government. His message is to question the government, but to say nothing when it comes to the military and the men and women who enforce the government’s wishes!

Talking Points Memo reports:

During an interview on Glenn Beck’s radio show, the potential 2016 presidential candidate discussed Jade Helm 15, a military training program that has roused conspiracy theorists. From fears that closed Wal-Marts are secret bases for a military takeover to alleged sightings of the gear that will be used to implement the assault, conspiracy theorists have been worked into a frenzy over the training program.

Beck said that distrust among people who are usually “waving the flag” and are typically “very pro-America and pro-government” is unsettling.

“We had Operation Jade Helm and, you know, I mean that took law abiding, normal citizens, a lot of people saying ‘Wait a minute, what’s going on? Is the government gonna try to take over Texas?’” Beck said. “I mean some crazy things are happening now because we don’t trust each other.”

“Let’s say that I were to become the President of the United States,” Perry responded. “I think there will be a clearly changed attitude towards that office, what comes out of that office, the messaging that comes out of that office.”

“I hope people always question government,” Perry continued, “but don’t question your military. Don’t question the men and women who have put their hands up and sworn this oath to our Constitution and defended this country.”

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