VIDEO: 125+ Scientists, 75+ Bankers, 10+ Doctors, 3 Journalists DEAD – WHY?

Fact checked

The video below was made before the recent group of alternative doctors were found dead.  Though, it is still of importance to realize that there may absolutely be a connection with the doctors, scientists, journalists, and bankers that have all been found dead in the last year.

Something is clearly very wrong, very ugly, and very scary.  Why would these hundreds of great minds all be found dead under such equally bizarre, unexpected, or strange circumstances?

The sheer amount of people in high positions that have been found dead is not only startling, but it is also upsetting.  Did they all know something that we don’t?

The Dead Banker, Scientist, Doctor, and Journalist Connection?

If so, what could it possibly be?  The video below shows a chilling connections between the deaths of the scientists, bankers, and journalists (something we covered at YourNewsWire earlier this year here).  Now, with the recent string of dead doctors, do you feel that they could fit into this puzzle?  Let us know in the comment section below!