Dr. Jim Willie: Dead Bankers – Are They Still Alive In Underground Bunkers?

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Via Live Free or Die in B4N (source):

With so many ‘dead bankers’ across America and the world recently,  Professor Doom1 brings us an interesting theory: are they really still alive, and taken away to the underground bunker system for their own ‘protection’, as we edge ever closer to financial armageddon and the end of this failing financial system?

As our videographer points out, the most recent death of a finance executive in Connecticut a week ago was originally ruled a bike accident, then changed to a stabbing, and far too many of these ‘deaths’ don’t add up…many don’t pass the smell test.

In the 2nd video new video below, Dr. Jim Willie joins Jason Burack of ‘Wall St. for Main St.’ to talk about what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes today and why a strengthening US dollar is killing the global economy.

Language warning in 1st video below.


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