Witness Names US Presidents at Human Sacrifice – Shocking Testimony.

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A great article by Glenn Candy via Before It’s News (source):

In this shocking interview, you’ll hear Anthony Lavey, son of church of satan founder Anton Lavey name two US Presidents he personally saw attending human sacrifices with his father.  This is the first time in history two US Presidents have been identified attending a satanic sacrifice.

After doing this interview with Stew Webb, Anthony Lavey was beat up very badly and told if he ever talked to Stew Webb again, they would kill him!  Please spread the word about this interview, it goes to the very top of the Illuminati pyramid and it’s REAL!   Stew has Anthony’s sworn legal statement concerning what he saw on his website http://www.stewwebb.com/tag/anton-lavey/

We’re not in Kansas anymore!  Our country has been led by literal demons from hell.  Until you realize this fact, you’re living in a fantasy world created for you by the fake news.

human sacrifice

One thing I have noticed is that every time this story goes viral, Faux News will start promoting both of these Presidents who I will not name – you’ll need to listen to the interview to learn who they are.   Spread this on all social media and see i you don’t see these Presidents get promoted in the next month saying how WONDERFUL they were for the country!



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