Antifa Video Reveals Plans To Trap Conservatives In ‘Kill Zones’ And Shoot Them

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Antifa video reveals plans to entrap Conservatives in kill zones

An undercover reporter has obtained footage showing Antifa organizers secretly plotting to lure conservatives into ‘kill zones’ and then shoot them with guns. 

Radio host Steve Crowder recently went undercover to covertly film the domestic terrorist group. The disturbing footage, shown below, reveals how Antifa are planning the mass killing of conservatives in the coming months. reports:  Watch the video below and you’ll get a sense of where Antifa is headed. These people — all of whom are deranged, left-wing lunatics who have been radicalized by late-night TV and the mainstream media — have dedicated themselves to committing whatever violence is necessary to silence voices of reason across America. These people are also, of course, complete idiots: They accuse Ben Shapiro — a Jew — of being a Nazi, and they confuse capitalism with fascism. (They probably also think Princess Leia is a KKK member because she wears white robes with a hood.)

Hilariously, none of these people would last five seconds in a fight with a real patriot, by the way. Any concealed carry holder with a minimal training could easily defend themselves against these clumsy weirdos and gender-confused terroristas. Yet the truly disturbing part in all this is how Antifa lunatics believe they are bad-ass ninjas who can pull off a popular uprising against a well-armed citizenry. Honestly, watching these weaklings walk around on camera talking about knives and guns like they’re soldiers of fortune, I’m highly doubtful any of them have the grip strength to rack the slide on a Glock 21, much less engage in hand-to-hand combat with real men who are defending their country. As usual, Leftists confuse owning a weapon with the skill set of using a weapon. They probably also think buying a guitar makes them amazing musicians. (Which is why so many of them own guitars they can’t play…)

Despite their delusions, these left-wing lunatics are obviously quite serious (in their own minds) about committing violence against their intended targets… which, let’s face it, is anyone saying anything they don’t like. The Left is “tolerant,” you see. And inclusive, too. They’re so tolerant that they only murder those with whom they disagree. That’s “equality” in their twisted minds. And they’re being taught all this insane nonsense by all the usual left-wing TV hysteria pushers like Michael Moore or Whoopi Goldberg, both of whom have become an embarrassment to human reason.

The left-wing disconnect from reality has reached a whole new height of insanity

The Trump-hating Left has become so deranged and insanely stupid that the Mayor of San Juan in Puerto Rico recently condemned Trump for not helping with enough rescue supplies while standing in front of massive pallets of rescue supplies clearly visible in the background. (See photo, below.)

This is the total disconnect and delusion that the Left is now parroting on a daily basis, everywhere across the culture. The hysteria has reached such levels of insanity that many black people literally believe they are living in a nation that’s running active cotton-picking slave plantations, which is why one black woman in Texas recently decried all cotton products, claiming all cotton is derived from slaves! (No, I’m not even kidding… just stop and think about the mindless hysteria behind all this for a minute…)

Antifa members are too historically illiterate to realize they ARE the fascists

Antifa members, by the way, openly justify violence against anyone they hate by claiming their targets are “fascists” and thereby deserve to be murdered by any means necessary. This tactic, ironically, perfectly mirrors the mindless violence of actual fascists, whom Antifa claims to despise.

“These folks aren’t playing a game anymore,” Crowder explains. “This is serious violence.”

This is the new logic of the deranged, lunatic Left in America… the same Left that’s so disconnected from reality that they have no clue the KKK was run by Democrats, and Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. They also don’t realize that JFK praised Adolf Hitler and his actual fascism, which has served as a totalitarian blueprint for the Left ever since.


  1. JFK praised Hitler because he kicked out the central bankers and had the German government issue interest-free money, thus bringing about a golden age of prosperity for the German people after years of poverty and moral decay following WW2.

    JFK wanted to do the same for American citizens in regards to the Federal Reserve (the foreign controlled illegal central bank in the United States), which is one of the reasons he was assassinated.

    Unfortunately, history has been completely rewritten with regards to Hitler, Germany, and WW2. He was fighting against the same kind of communist infiltration that the United States has succumbed to.

    • You’re an idiot. Hitler was a socialist, wannabe communist. Yes, some of his policies brought economic prosperity after the ruin of Germany in the 1920s and 30s. But he was an amoral, genocidal, homicidal, narcissistic madman. We have ample documentation, both in terms of texts of the time and photographs, to know exactly what he was.

        • Dont worry about him all the
          ((( ))) get triggereed just hearing the word Hitler even if Hitler did nothing wrong and his name has been slandered by the Holohoax. Hitler did right by Germany but that story will never be told and only the lies will be perpetuated by those who cannot be named.

          • Yes, that’s right. Hitler had his faults to be sure. His greatest fault was to not focus all of his intellect upon Germany. Instead he chose to cross borders. Regardless, As long as there are people who know the truth about Germany and the two world wars and what brought them about, there will always be hope for mankind. The Hebrews are the enemy of free people like Islamists are also the enemies of free people.

        • Patrick, do not argue with fools. They cannot be reasoned with and have no desire to understand your truth. Let them blather on. They have no concept of the coming judgement.

      • No, YOU are the idiot. You do not know your history and therefore are doomed to repeat it. Therefore you will turn into dust along side of those that work to destroy this country. One night you may wake and find a patriot at your bedside. You will scream, but it won’t be heard. Sweet dreams.

    • “Also the definition of fascism has changed considerably. It used to be a
      word that was used in reference to nationalism but now is used in
      relation to totalitarianism” – no, actually, it’s exactly the opposite…nice try though, liberal troll. I’m sure many people passed right on over this lie.

      • Oh yeah, you know me… trying to swindle everyone with my word definition fantasies in the comments section of a single article. Hoping beyond hope that everyone will believe what I decree regarding the definitions of words, in spite of the fact that the internet is at the fingertips of anyone who has the capacity to do independent research.

        As for calling me a liberal troll, I didn’t even realize we knew each other. The last thing I would ever think to associate myself with is liberalism. How did you reach this magical conclusion?

        • Please cite something other than Wikipedia, it’s user edited. Websters is the standard definition of fascism, you can also find the Websters dictionary from previous years…

    • No, he wasnt. Not everything is a conspiracy. You mean to tell me the US
      Government was able to evade computer forensic detection from 50 years in
      the future and keep everyone quiet about it FOREVER? The same government
      who didnt have their shit together and had little cross-communications
      set up until the day after 9/11? OSWALD KILLED JFK, AND WAS THE LONE GUNMAN AND EVERY WITNESS AND PIECE OF EVIDENCE PROVES IT. Stop repeating bullshit that’s been debunked for 50 years. While I agree on some of the root of your discussion, stop pretending theres some secret boogeyman conspiracy behind everything. If there was, THEIR guy would be in power, not someone they’d have to assassinate in public with cameras rolling. They’d inject him with heart-attack juice, wouldnt they? THINK for once, man.

      • I never even mentioned Oswald, or any element of the conspiracy surrounding who pulled the trigger…

        • The ((( ))) also want you to forget who killed the patsy “Oswald”. His real name was Jack Rubinstein. He changed it to Jack Ruby to sound more americanized and cover his Jewish Mafia connections. Kennedy was killed because he opposed the Israel developing nuclear bombs in the Dimona nuclear plant.

    • Then there was that small part where he committed genocide, but just that small thing right? I am guessing you think that was all trumped up fake news though, right?

    • My father told me once inflation got so bad under Hitler that people had to take piles of cash in a wheelbarrow to pay for their goods!

        • Duuuudes, I agree this guy might be a piece of shit, if it is actually true, but putting his address for some crazy nut to find is making you JUST LIKE ANTIFA! Violence is never the answer. Freaking crazy.

          • I’d agree his address shouldn’t be published but it’s not like someone deranged and determined can’t google it. While is is a published contact address, something tells me it isn’t his physical address. And as for violence, never say never.

            “…He who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honor by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi, Between Cowardice and Violence

            “…Hence also do I advocate training in arms for those who believe in the method of violence. I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should in a cowardly manner become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor.” – Mahatma Gandhi, The Doctrine of the Sword

          • Nice quote but as it pertains to this situation violence is never the answer. If someone were to become a threat to my personal or family, I would commit myself in full will and risk to defend them. I am sure the U.S. is in a position to defend itself, if not overkill. Violence is a last resort. This situation is not even close to that. Advocating any such thing as is flying around in chat rooms like the movie “Kill Bill” is just insanity.


      • I agree. It involves a tree and a rope & his whole filthy family. Ovomit both the homes the Clinton’s all 3 Kerry lynch , holder waters rice schumer pelosi Ryan McCain McConnell and all the rest of those dirty bastard’s . Along with anybody I may have missed. Make them each the 1 before so they see what’s about to happen to each & every 1 of them

    • The problem with people like him is they’re all about their legacy.. it’s all they have because to them there is nothing left after death.. the only peace they leave the world with is what they believe they’ve accomplished and how they’ll be remembered..

      he realizes now he’s not realizing his dream of taking down the USA before he dies so he’s transferring his fortune to his foundation.. even when he dies he knows he’ll live on in this money that will be used to further what he wanted.

  2. Stupid to mention a mayor doing her best to deal with a catastrophic hurricane in an article discussing communist Antifa. You can critizise a sitting President and not be a member of Antifa. I voted for the clown and he has reneged on almost every promise that he made. Does that make me a member of Antifa?

    • Congress reneged on the promises. Wall funding? From Congress. Repeal ObamaCare? Congress failed to act. Deal with the illegals brought here as kids? Trump repeals the illegal DACA to force Congress to act and they have the nerve to call him a racist. The guy has faced an onslaught of opposition from all sides starting his first day in office.

    • For crying out loud, people. He has only been in office for a few months and has had to fight every liberal Democrat and some of his own people in the Senate and Congress and all over America to try to get things straight. Remember, Rome was not built in one day.

      • Yeah because Congress prevented him from draining the swamp, prosecuting Hillary, and forced him to hire Goldman Sachs bankers as his principal advisors right? Wake up from Trumpini’s hypnotic spell!

        • are you so stupid? I can’t believe you think like this; Trump has tried to keep his promise but the Dems and some of the Republicans like McCain have been doing their best to keep him from doing what he said he would! They have been attacking I’m with one false accusation after the other with the help of the corrupt news media (CNN) try and watch Fox then you can see what is really going on, The dems are the ones who are attacking the reps and scream how violent we are! PAY ATTENTION! Opne your eyes and ears and stop listening to the Dems who are upset they lost SOUR GRAPES! If you did in fact vote for him then you must have been listening to him instead of Hilary which tells me you have some brain matter!

  3. Time to take this shit to the next level. These ignorant liberal ass’s are going to get what their asking for and their blood will fill the streets. A war is not what we Patriots want but if these leftist delusional cocksucker’s push us into this it will be the last thing they ever do. Kiss mommy and daddy goodbye for the last time because not even they can save you from the reapers that will be hunting you like rabid dogs

  4. Both conservatives and liberals have highly detestable viewpoints. In fact, combined, they are one in the same. But if any of this longstanding nonsense were actually a threat, conservatives would be long done by now.

    Conservatives? A bunch of idiots who believe in the fantasy of over-laboring 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and getting up early on their only day off to dish out 10-15% of their salary to a church. Or the slightly smarter ones put 10-15% in a savings account.
    -Babies who are afraid of credit, a system of responsibility that literally gives you a portion of your money back for spending it, if you use it right.
    -Bigots who believe in ‘colored’ police racism and who believe the opposite of discriminating is discriminating. Idiots who believe there are not threats to Earth’s health (not global warming nonsense, but environmental/pollution/resource issues).
    -Psychopaths who believe both males and females are not allowed to express, develop, or study their emotions.
    -Abusers who believe hurting leads to learning. And, learning can never be easy or simple.
    -Sociopaths who believe the family model should be serving one another instead of a fortress of support in a confusing and impulsive world.
    -Quasi-spiritualists who believe intuition is superstition and impulsive drug-fueled voices in their heads are believable, and their stolen neo-pagan religion holds validity in practice.
    -Establishment junkies who are the biggest pro-GMO, pro-pharma, anti-organic, pro-big corporations, and anti-vegan and anti-vegetarian and massively anti-gluten/wheat-free believers on the planet. Until they’re soiling their pants trying to walk.

    Yeah, we could go on ALLLLL day about liberals and their head problems. But, if antifa were serious, surely something would have ACTUALLY been done about conservatives by now. Not nice people, because their bullshit is the kind that interrupts day-to-day life and the very foundation of life and purpose.

    • The fvck are you talking about?… This is about the biggest load sh1t I’ve seen since the reinvention of the democratic party.

      • Then explain it, Mr. Conservative.

        See the biggest problem with anti-liberalism is no one wants to take the time, responsibility, and due diligence to equally admit and insult the illness of conservatism and how it is also no better than modern liberalism. In fact, conservatives are just a different breed of “liberal”.

        There is no picking and choosing in the intellectual world. I thought conservatives were well-versed on the liberal’s inability to choose A or B (gray-thinking).

  5. …. We need to put , a. ..PRICE ON HIS HEAD..!!! WANTED – DEAD OR ALIVE…!!!… WHEN. ,antifa , raises a GUN Shoot them..!!!.. Armed & Dangerous..!!!

  6. You must Settle In And Accept Our legally Elected American LEADERS …Much of this Unrest Is MSM biased coverage of All things Republican .
    Stop It .
    You Can Disparage the US FLAG And Our Beliefs+ , but encouraging An overthrow by “Any mean Possible “.Is sending these
    Unstable psychopaths into violent misdirected shitbirds.
    .Make clear what the LAW is in America .
    We VOTE- in America when We Want different leaders… That is how you get to a Outcome. Every 4 years.
    Not Shitting On Our Beloved Countrymen and women with your swarmy. Dishonest rhetoric . ..
    18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government. Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

  7. Soro’s funding murder, assassinations, and subversion against the US people? This could be the Democrats ‘Final Solution’ to wipe out law abiding, patriotic Americans. The core of conservatives are hard core Military Veterans that will make mince meat of liberal fanatics.

  8. On this I call fearmongering and BS. Why? Because these children have no more aspirations for going to jail than anyone else. It truly is an unpleasant and expensive experience. Even though they are children, they know this. That’s why I think this is fearmongering and BS.

    Is there anybody that gets up in the morning and says, “today is a good day to go to jail?”

  9. I WILL plant my Kbar into the skull on any Anti-Fa who threatens me. I will not even waste the money for a bullet on them. Anti-Fa, I’m sure you think you know what you are doing, but we will utterly destroy you and the people who sent you including anyone who has incited violence against this country or this president. Have your day of violence on November 4th. We will be watching and waiting for OUR turn at killing. When you open Pandora’s box, you will never be able to put the lid back on it. It will consume you down to the last person.

  10. Has anybody informed these idiots that the people they ‘think’, and I use the term loosely, they are going to murder are the same people that work to pay for their EBT cards, their so called education, make the toys they can’t live without, ie: cell phones, video games, the newest fad in clothes and nose rings, abortions, etc.. And don’t forget the ‘capitalist’ that run Starbucks, Nike’s, Verizon, Facebook (“Oh my God”), Twitter, etc. You want to kill them too? They might be liberals, but only to a point where it interferes with their making money…



  12. It would require quite an effort, but all of the Soros assets, world wide need to be confiscated and his entire family arrested.

  13. JFK DID NOT “praise Adolph Hitler.” His father Joseph Kennedy was considered to be “sympathetic” toward the National Socialist cause in Germany, but not his son John F. Kennedy.

  14. “violence is never the answer” – Dude, you do not know your history! Without violence the British Empire still rules, Nazis rule the world, no USA, slavery still practiced in US, no free Japan. No free Taiwan, S/Korea, the UK is still run by despotic royals, etc., need I go on?

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