NASA To Use Nuclear Bombs To Destroy Asteroids

Fact checked

NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) are researching on how to use nuclear weapons in order to destroy asteroids and meteors that pose a risk to Earth. reports:

Computer simulations suggest that we could successfully blow up a medium-sized space rock.

However, the resulting rock fragments could potentially make the situation worse, depending on how far the asteroid is from Earth when it explodes.

A better solution might be to use the bomb to deflect the asteroid instead of blowing it to smithereens.

Other (non-nuclear) proposals include gravity tractors, using sunlight to “boil off” parts of the Near Earth Object, and using lasers or high-speed spacecraft to nudge the object off of its collision course with Earth. However, a 2007 NASA study indicated that nuclear solutions may be the best weapon we’ve got when it comes to fighting killer space rocks.