Bill O’Reilly Promises To Flee To Ireland If Bernie Sanders Wins

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Bill O'Reilly says he will leave America and move to Ireland if Bernie Sanders becomes President

Fox TV host Bill O’Reilly has promised the American public that he will leave America permanently and flee to Ireland if Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is elected President of the United States. 

On his Thursday show O’Reilly warned that Sanders wanted to secretly “dismantle” Medicare and the “Affordable Care Act” in order to impose his own socialist scheme – Berniecare. reports:

“If Bernie Sanders gets elected president, I’m fleeing … I’m going to Ireland. And they already know it. … I shouldn’t say it publicly because that will get Sanders more votes,” O’Reilly said.

“I shouldn’t say it publicly because that will get Sanders more votes, but I’m not going to pay 90 percent of my income to that guy,” added the blustery talk show host, who is proud of his Irish roots. “I’m sorry, I’m not doing it.”

Sanders, a self-described socialist, democratic socialist, has reportedly proposed up to 90 percent personal income tax rates for top American earners.

Elsewhere in his remarks, O’Reilly said that criticism from Chelsea Clinton, daughter of leading Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, blaming Sanders of attempting to dismantle Medicare and ObamaCare, is misleading.

“He wants to dismantle it in the sense that it would be BernieCare, and it would be much more than it is now,” he said.

Clinton is reportedly planning a massive advertising blitz to fend off the challenge from the Vermont senator, Sanders, who is currently running neck-and-neck with Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In the first three months of 2016, Clinton’s campaign would almost double the proportion of money it devoted to advertising last year, Reuters reported, citing a summary of Clinton’s spending plans.

New national polling shows that Sanders, who was behind by about 30 percentage points in the summer, is continuing to narrow the gap with Clinton, creating a sense of déjà vu about 2008, when Clinton was eventually defeated by underdog Barack Obama.

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