ANOTHER NFL Player Suddenly Drops Dead – Doctors Baffled

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Another NFL player suddenly drops dead

Another fully jabbed NFL player has suddenly dropped dead from an “specified illness” leaving doctors baffled.

The latest former athlete to mysteriously die is former NFL player Jimmy Williams.

According to Field Gulls:

One of the members of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2005 NFC Championship winning team has died.

Former Vanderbilt star Jimmy Williams passed away from an unspecified illness on Friday at just 43 years old. Both the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers released brief statements mourning the loss of Williams and sending condolences to the Williams family. reports: It has become standard operating procedure in corporate media to handle these stories in three ways. First, they dance around the mysterious nature of the death. Second, they switch gears quickly to discussing the player’s life on and off the field. Third, they never, under any circumstances, mention Covid-19 or the vaccines.

Getting hard numbers on “unspecified illnesses” taking the lives of young Americans is challenging, and that’s the whole point. We’ve seen evidence from the insurance industry that non-Covid deaths have been on a sharp rise since the jabs were rolled out, but nobody in government and very few outside of government have come out publicly to ask the obvious questions. Unfortunately, far too few in “conservative” media have tackled the topic either because doing so would get them blacklisted by Google, their top revenue source, and Facebook, their top traffic source.

We have no such obligations to Big Tech. Our focus is on the truth, which is why we will continue to share stories like these.

Some will argue that we cannot count every mysterious death as jab-related. Considering it’s extremely rare for anyone in media or government to acknowledge ANY jab-related deaths, we’ll continue to question all of them.


        • In NJ, parents are fighting to be first to get their kids injected so they can brag about it. I have never seen such stupidity in my life. injecting a child with a substance that is still experimental for a virus that is not even fatal to children. What happened to people? social engineering success. how ? I am beside myself with awe, dismayed.

          • Not even fatal to anybody: The virus is a hoax; only the kill shots are real.

          • My cousin lost his left leg below the knee. Blood clots cut off his blood flow. Did he get the shots? Unfortunately yes. Now he has blood clots in the other leg.

          • Yep, ’tis a tough time for many, acceding to the hidden hands demands to get jabbed, no matter the reason, is, for many, many millions, about to be a die white season!

      • they say as of this time it is 1.3% that do. how many kids in USA does that translate to? top of rense currently shows 2 parents doing it in NYC…..people on street beg them not to go into inside.

    • the CDC was just trying to help. come on guys, they didn’t know anything about the dangers at all. just look at tthat Jooo ladies face from the CDC, if that is not sincere and trustworthy, i just don’t know what is anymore.!

  1. If doctors are baffled by these deaths, they shouldn’t be doctors. Obviously they are in on the clot-shot scam

  2. The bitches in government have caused the Drs to be baffled by forcing them to shut their cake holes and not report adverse events including deaths using their legal powers and moral authority. One bitch, who has been paid over 5 million alone is totally committed to serving Pfizer. Vanguard, defn often a woman’s movement.

  3. Clearly the doctors and nurses are trying to conceal that they are murdering people to make money and to prosper in their new career of killing patients

  4. They’re very dodgy with statistical manipulations. Very Never trust anyone. Frankly anyone who believes a word they say is stupid.

  5. The cow says, ‘moo’. The dog says, ‘bark bark’. The medical experts say, ‘quack quack’.

    • keep in mind the really smart kids of 40-50 years ago do not go to medical school like they used too. tech, finance on wall street make them millions, 150-250K average doc (cardiologist, heart surgeon etc make more) not that big a deal with a IQ over 130. MBA Harvard International Finance…….200K right out of school. 5 years later skies the limit. current docs 2nd, third string.

  6. .. well according to the Medical community this sort of thing happens all the time so nothing to see here… move along people

  7. BTW Pfizer has withdrawn from Uruguay. Now they will start the law punishing all Uruguayan s by refusing them visa s, their politicians and businessmen diplomats bankers etc until they do as theyre told.

  8. No autopsies allowed… or at least the results are not made public… they would expose the truth…

    Steve Kirsh did a study… estimated 700,000 DEAD from teh vaxx, in the USA alone!

  9. Doctors and hospitals kill more people each year than anything else, opps, I might have made a mistake, I forgot about politicians.

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