MILITARY ALERT: Strategic Command Warns Biden Must Prepare For Imminent ‘Nuclear War’

Fact checked
Strategic Command warns Biden that nuclear war is imminent

The US Strategic Command warned on Monday that the U.S. must start making preparations for an imminent nuclear war.

Conflicts would escalate “very rapidly,” according to a warning from the U.S. Strategic Command.

It came ahead of the agency speaking to Congress on Tuesday where they warned that the US is currently facing “two nuclear-capable, strategic peer adversaries at the same time” from Russia and China.

The government agency issues a posture statement annually in which they inform Congress on the state of Strategic Command and update on the upcoming year’s budget. reports: It also provides information of likely conflict in the future and on its readiness for combat.

It revealed on Monday that it planned to tell Congress of the current threat of nuclear war.


    • Actually theres a bureaucrat whose job it is to tell tbe President when and if he needs to use the nuclear option The Huckabees are well connected.

  1. Does anyone believe Biden could make a sound decision in the heat of the moment? Bidens cognitive state at 3:00 am scares me.

    • 3pm would be bad enough 7 am would be scary to say the least Look he gets blown down by a little tiny puff of wind that wouldnt knock a budgie off its perch

  2. Could you even imagine this pudding head biden involved in a nuclear war? OH MY GOD! He is about the biggest moron on this planet.

  3. Its economic rationalisation to suck up the 40 % of currency rheyve printed ,40% of the global currency tbryvr probyed because they set ip CATES and its equivalent globally , into the pockets of tbe ruling elite mining and military industrialist families .Its a big hoax to rip the world off .They’re all in it together

  4. 40 % of currency in circulation right now has been printed due to covid economic stimulus con job and fraud ,deceit and lies and in ordeto stop hyperinflation they need now to stop spe ding by the public on food and consumer durables or else demand a d supply of cash will send the markets I to chaotic hyperinflation resulting in disaster as wages will have to rise proportionately or else revolution will occur They’re not going to pay peasants more .So they’ll suck the excess currency ip themselves Do gallant .Heroic really Isnt it .Philanthropists you see So unselfish

  5. While the u.s. government has quickly begun tearing down law enforcement and opening borders, and the Democratic party has waged gorilla warfare in our cities using their surregates military wing BLM and Antifa, China and Russia have been deploying throughout the east…

  6. They’re all so full of it All there lined up with Trump as his best allies when hes handing out billions for space cadets and war games but the mi ute the chips are down you don’t see them dor dust Now ,not happy with the record handouts of taxpayers money from Trump they’re blowing hot air up Bidens bum to get more .

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