George Soros Purchases Blockchain Technology For $100 Million

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George Soros purchases blockchain technology

George Soros has just purchased $100 million worth of shares of blockchain technology, in a move that will see the billionaire globalist control large portions of the cryptocurrency market.  

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing this week, got a huge injection of cash from Quantum Fund – a hedge fund organization owned and operated by Soros. reports: Of the $100 million Overstock received, Byrne said he anticipates $20 million will fund DeSoto Inc., the blockchain property rights joint venture he is working on in partnership with economist Hernando DeSoto.

As for the other $80 million, Byrne said he intends to invest the funds across Overstock’s flagship e-commerce platform (which accepts bitcoin for payments) and the other blockchain ventures that are part of its Medici Ventures subsidiary.

Yet, Byrne indicated he sees those two businesses working more closely in the future.

“Maybe it’s about time we stop seeing Overstock as two separate businesses,” he said. “Our retail platform had 40 million unique people come to it last month. So as we’re developing these blockchain applications, these blockchain companies, the retail business is an extremely valuable retail business to have in terms of bringing awareness and traffic to the blockchain properties that we anticipate developing.”

Byrne continued, telling CoinDesk:

“By having the retail business involved, what we can really create is the wormhole between the two universes, the universe of conventional and the universe of crypto.”

Quantum Fund did not respond to requests for comment by press time, but the Soros-controlled vehicle disclosed its purchase of a warrant to buy Overstock shares in November.

Byrne mentioned tZERO, Overstock’s blockchain development platform for capital markets, as another area where some of the proceeds would be headed. But none of the Quantum investment will be used to purchase any of the crypto tokens issued in an initial coin offering (ICO) by tZERO in December.

Separately, however, Overstock itself is buying $30 million worth of tZERO tokens with other funds, Byrne told CoinDesk.

During the initial phase of its ongoing ICO, tZERO received $100 million in commitments from investors interested in purchasing the crypto tokens.

Generally speaking, Overstock will be hiring people “across Wall Street with expertise in risk management,” Byrne said.

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