Ted Cruz: ‘Dems Turning Blind Eye to Child Rape and Murder at Border’

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Ted Cruz says Democrats are turning a blind eye to child rape at the border

Senator Ted Cruz has warned that Democrats are deliberately ignoring the rape and murder of numerous children at the southern border.

“They are allowing it because they made a political choice,” Cruz said during an appearance on Hannity on Wednesday, asserting that the plan only works with the complicity of the establishment media to also ignore the crisis.

“At the beginning of the Biden administration, they decided unlimited illegal immigration, open borders, they view everyone of those 5.5 million illegal immigrants that have come in under Joe Biden as a future Democrat voter,” Cruz said.

Summit.news reports: He added, “And so they’re perfectly willing to turn a blind eye, they don’t care about the children that are physically assaulted, that are sexually assaulted.”

“They don’t about the women who were raped. They don’t care about the dead bodies that are piling up,” the Senator proclaimed.


On Tuesday, Cruz told DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to his face “your refusal to do your job is revolting,” adding “you’re willing to let children be raped to follow political orders.”

“This is a crisis, it’s disgrace, and you won’t even admit this human tragedy is a crisis,” Cruz continue, calling for Mayorkas to resign.


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