Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Jeff Bezos Re- entering Earth After Space Trip

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Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will soon be leaving Earth via Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, but thousands of people don’t want him to come back.

Bezos is getting prepared to take a historic flight into orbit next month aboard the New Shephard craft developed by his personal space company, Blue Origin.

He will be e flying into space alongside his brother and the anonymous winner of an online auction.

However according to multiple petitions not everyone thinks he should be allowed back to earth!

One such petition, started by Jose Ortiz about a week ago, has, as of Thursday more than 12,000 signatures.

The petition, jokingly addressed to the commercial spaceflight company Blue Origin, states that “the fate of humanity is in your hands.”

Another petition which is gaining momentum with over 10,000 signatures, at the time of writing, demands that the billionaire is barred from re-entering Earth.

The petition which was set up by a user called ‘Ric G’, states: ‘Billionaire’s should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there.’


    • They haven’t bern to outer space They never landed on tbe moon ” the people are totally fooled ” Marilyn Monroe The Kennedy brothers took her to area 51 She knew the plans The week before her death she was receiving anonymous threatening phone calls from a female Rhe friday night before her death the wife if rhe Corning ware magnate told her friend Amy Greene that marilyn would soon be dead .She was dead in less than 48 hours The paperclip nazi scientists were reportedly building Hitler’s bell at area 51 using Corning ware as the outer frame . The moon landing is just another fraud. Like free speech or democracy All just fabrications of the emperors new clothes. Disgusting hypocrisy really

        • No im not wrong I think your cliches need updating but being an echo you probably can ,only repeat

        • Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Space may be the final frontier, but its filmed in a Hollywood Basement.’
          Elon Musk – ‘It must be real because it looks so fake’.

          All these Space Agencies (Russia, Europe, China, etc.), all know its fake too. So one can’t tell on the other.
          Its a lovely front though, to make billions end up in a certain few’s pockets, while keeping the world entertained.

  1. Amazon has exceeded Walmart in retail villianry. Not only destroying brick and mortar businesses and jobs, but sending manufacturing and packaging jobs to the Chicomms. The slimy politicians have aided this exodus of middle class employment. It is all by design to serve the greed of washington, bejing and the oligarchy. What is needed is a global Bastill day, where elites, politicians, celebrities and technocrats are introduced to the guillotine or the noose. Both are equally effective.

    • No irs all to serve the great deceivwrs ,who want was as the MOST PROFITABLE business on earth AND the best way to get away with mass murder and grand theft of the world .The President of Fordham university ,Robert Gannon said it rhis way ” communism is an enemy we are all against it,but we have another enemy too,shredder.It is Roman Catholicism and its bid for world power ”
      Currently the largest single religious group in the Congress are Catholics .George Washington warned that” the greatest threats to Americas democracy would come from Popes”.

  2. He has just sent American Frontline Doctors notice that they 4 days to remove their website from Amazons servers, which also host Facebook et al, before he deletes it entirely from tbe internet He must hate the trurh. Funny how they all can be identified by the same vulnerability .

  3. … well I heard that of those 12000, that 11,999 were Amazon employees and the one other was his ex… it could be rumor though…sarc

  4. Mr. Bezos Please Take Bill Gates and Fauci .In your blatant nauseating Phallus looking rocket …Three d…s in a d..k

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